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Thursday, March 25, 2010

To prove we live

Ok, has it really been 2.5 weeks since my last post?  I fail at blogging, apparently.  In good news, it's been because I've been really busy.  Not because I broke all of my fingers or something.  We've had a wedding reception, a trip to Idaho for my mom's surprise birthday party (not to mention all of the planning involved with that), date night, FHE with friends, etc.  Plus the joy of trying to keep up a house and baby.  So I feel a bit more justified about my slack.

Kessa just went down for a nap, so I feel like I should blog… something. But I'm not sure what.  So, let me go open my iPhoto and see what fun, random things there are to blog about.

Alright.  Here we go.  In no particular order..

Kessa and I went for a walk around the Orem hospital.  (They have a nice little walking track that goes around the grounds.)  Halfway through we stopped and had a snack of Cheerios on the (dead) grass.  It was Kessa's first experience in grass.  I'm not sure if she's eating Cheerios or grass or leaves here… erm… On a side note, isn't her snow suit here adorable?  It's Piglet.  I heart it.

We're getting a WinCo!  I AM SO EXCITED!  Yes, I am that lame that I get excited over a grocery store.  BUT IT'S JUST DOWN THE STREET FROM US!  And did I mention that it's WINCO?!  (Jess, that means you can stroll through the bulk section when you come to visit me!)

The conversation when I first saw it went something like this:
Tianna: [gasp!!!]
BJ: What?!
Tianna: [points]
BJ: [looks around] What?
Tianna: [gasp!!!] [points more fervently]
BJ: [spotting the WinCo] Ahhh.

Kessa loves BJ's computer.  Sometimes it's a fight when he wants to use it and not have random letters and functions being pressed at the most inopportune moments.

And now that you're convinced that we're alive, I will revert back into my hidey hole until I get another splurge of energy and desire to catch up on our life in blog form.  Maybe you'll get lucky and see me soon.  Or maybe it'll be another 2+ weeks.  I make no guarantees.


Cbelle said...

You are getting a WINCO! In UTAH? I am so jealous! I loved Winco growing up.

Josh + Jul said...

Well, I have no idea what a Winco is... but I just have to say that your last picture reminded me of Elsa! She ALWAYS completely THROWS herself at the laptop keyboard whenever I'm trying to use it. Babies these days... :)

JM said...

I always thought Winco sounded like a name Microsoft would give a grocery store... :P

Tiffany said...

What's a Winco?