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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

Folks, I have a problem.  I want Girl Scout cookies.  I want them very badly.  Specifically, Samoas.  And next, Thin Mints.  Why the problem?  Well, first, I have no idea where to buy them. Two years ago I just happened upon a couple of cute little girl scouts selling them in the entrance to Maceys.  That's the only time I ever recall buying them myself.  Second, I'm limiting my sugar intake because the blasted stuff gives me headaches.  (Which is, btw, ridiculously unfair and lame.)  Though, the last time I bought them, I hid them sufficiently that I only stumbled upon them here and there and then we'd eat a few, then put them away again.  Those boxes lasted over a year.  And they were still quite tasty, may I add.  So perhaps I have the willpower to do it again?  (Also, we devoured an entire box the night I bought them.  And left another one on the counter for the next few days.  So it was easier to forgo the temptation to ravage my storage.)

What do I do?  Do I buy some?  And if so, where?  How?


Michael said...

Check out this site to find your local council; they may be selling cookies:

(That site is sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America.)

Sarah DeLong said...

The above link is great, but it asks you to submit some personal information. If you just want a big list by city, check out this link:

Search by city (Orem, Provo, Springville, etc)

Tara said...

I know of 3 little girl scouts if you still want to buy some!