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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today I...

  • Made a really stupid mistake at work that took 10 minutes to do and 5-6 hours and 3 people to undo.
  • Begged Jessica to come back to work.
  • Watched a fairy godmother's wand actually work!
  • Rejoiced at Jess being moved out of ICU.
  • Found out that "hospital visits are gaseous—they expand to fill all available space." - BJ
  • Popped out part of my filling while flossing.  (I'm hoping it's a non-essential part that was just waiting to come off.)
  • Ate a strawberry shake, even though I was freezing cold.
  • Wished my niece a happy 11th birthday.  (Yipes!  Time flies!)
  • Seriously considered taking a nap under my desk at work.
  • Got in trouble for not looking pregnant.  (So I'm 18 weeks along and have gained little to no weight.  Not my fault!  For the record, I can't fit into my pants anymore.  (Thanks, Kim, for letting me borrow yours!))
  • Celebrated with BJ on his awesome GRE scores.
  • Got officially told at work that I need to grow a spine.  (Ok, my words.  But that's what they were trying to say; I'm sure of it.)
  • Got paid to watch Obama's inauguration.  Well... parts anyway.  Whenever the internet video wasn't trying to render.  Again.
  • Laughed at the fact that CNN paired up with Facebook to provide the live feed of the inauguration.
  • Stayed up far too late writing this post when I have desperately wanted sleep all day long.  Silly Tianna.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What happened to Jess?!

The Dipo's said...

So you're 18 weeks, when is the ultrasound and are you going to find out the gender?

Stacie said...

Hey, don't feel bad about not showing too much yet. I had people telling me at 8 months that they couldn't tell I was pregnant.

Katya said...

Hooray for Jess moving out of the ICU!!!

Kim said...

Thanks Tianna for pointing out how much larger I am than you! He he he! Oh well, I am glad I could help.