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Friday, January 23, 2009

Perfection or death

I love the people I work with. The missionary couple in Hawaii in particular have a way of making me laugh and feel great about myself. The other day I made a huge mistake that took 10 minutes to do and 5-6 hours and 3 people to undo. It was with their collection. I sent them an email letting them know what happened, so if they ran into little problems, that's why and to let me know. Their response?

"As I understand from my wife when she was pregnant, that in spite of cravings, raging hormones, and an occasional mind cramp - pregnant women are perfect in every way and death results for those who might hint as a disagreement with that conclusion. Hence, I will not buy into the idea that an error was made by you at the delicate time but that those evil gremlins housed in the computer acted up in a fit of jealousy over the work of one of the perfect women at this time."

They are not allowed to leave. :)


Tay said...

hahaha! Awesome! he learned that one VERY well. :)

Lindsay said...

That. Is. Awesome. :)

MegRuth said...

Love it

Alison Berrett said...

that's one smart man!

Marie said...

You, (and he) made me smile. We need understanding people like that around us.

Alison said...

Hooray for understanding people!

I hope you're feeling much better now that you're into your 2nd trimester.