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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Photos Available! (For a limited time!)

It's now been nearly three months since our wedding, so I suppose it's time to actually share photos with people. Tianna's brother Travis took hundreds of great pictures for us, so distributing them has been somewhat of a challenge.

But never fear! Challenges are meant to be conquered! We figured most of you wouldn't want or need a DVD of our pictures, so we found a better solution. We've posted all of the photos online, so you can browse them at your leisure and download all the photos you'd like. These are all the full-size images, direct from Travis, so you can take them to be printed if you really like us that much. Or, if you're one of those special few who love us so much that you want every last one of them, talk to us and we'll figure things out.

We're not posting the link to the pictures here, since we'd rather not be featured on Google Images, but if you want access, just e-mail me ( and I'll send you the link. The photos will only be available for a couple weeks, (since I want the space back eventually,) so act now! Call in the next 10 minutes for your free... oh wait. Nevermind.

It's easy! We promise!


Kim said...

Ok so I have to admit, that picture in the background made me take a double look at first I thought to myself, Why did they post a picture of Joseph and Emma? then I realized it was you and BJ. He He, I am a little slow. Very cute.

Olympus said...

I wanna see the pictures :)