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Friday, September 12, 2008

A final farewell

Well, we did it. We sold my car. I never thought I'd say this... but I miss her. She raised quite a fuss after I bought her from Damian (apparently she liked him... go figure). She and I did not get along. Then, after we decided to sell her and I stopped driving her, I realized how much I really did like her. Now, whether it was the car I liked, or the fact that I could plug my iPod directly into the radio, we'll never know. I did like how fast the A/C turned on, though... Anyway, point is, she is sold. And life is happy. (Yay! No more car payments!)

Thank you James and Julie for giving Charlita a new home!

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Tay said...

your blog is beautiful. :) I'm glad you sold your car - that's always such a relief! Good luck blogging...

Kim said...

How sad. I feel so bad that car gave you such a fuss. It really never gave us one problem. I wouldn't have sold it to you if it did. But I am glad you were able to sell it. Enjoy no car payment it is wonderful.