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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for the perfect moment

I promised Tianna a number of months ago that if we got a blog together, I'd write in it. Avid readers will have noticed that I haven't done so well. In fact, that's probably why we have no avid readers. But now, I'm here. For a while, my excuse has been that the blog wasn't "ready." It was just black text on a white background, as I hadn't gotten around to stylizing it yet. But now it's all pretty and such. (Really, if you're reading this through Google Reader, you should look at the background. I spent at least two hours playing with it.)

In truth, though, I have a tendency to do this. To put things off until the "right" moment, as if somehow magically things will change without my own action. It rarely happens. My grandfather was fond of saying that "Things that don't change tend to remain the same," and I think it's wise advice.

So this is me. Changing. Expect to see me around more from now on.

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Heather said...

Very nice background--good job:-) And thanks for the heads-up. Google Reader is a grand invention, but one does miss out on things like that.