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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This is Halloween; this is Halloween.

Hermana Homer ~

See! I promised I would write tonight! Didn't I promise? 

I've been reading my old blog. The one I started when I was single (with BJ's help, actually. Go figure) when I went to Jerusalem. The other night BJ and I were reminiscing about our courtship and he mentioned something about how he first started to like-like me when reading my blog. Specifically how I took touristy things and made them spiritual and applicable to bettering myself. I knew this, but it hit me right then that I should go back and read it and see what about my blog that intrigued him so much. I don't remember being all spiritually awesome.

Teresa, it has been the best experience ever. I have been impressed with my own spiritual impressions. I have forgotten a lot of them. There were several times I would say things like, "I know why I'm here now. I needed to learn X, Y, and Z so I could go home and implement them in my life." The thing is, Resa, I still haven't mastered those things. They were all things I needed to hear again. And likely I will need to hear them again multiple times through my life. It made me want to make little signs out of them and hang them throughout my house as little reminders. And so many things I completely forgot about. It was like learning them afresh.

I've spent a fair amount of time the last few days wondering why I was on such a spiritual high then, when I don't feel like I am now. I have concluded it is due to my high level of spiritual immersion. Day in and day out I was in class learning about the Bible. I was going to holy places and learning the stories around them, then singing hymns (we sang soooo many hymns there. It was fantastic). I looked out over Old Jerusalem during almost every sacrament meeting. My even my relaxing Sabbath day activities included things like going to the Garden of Gethsemane, quietly read scriptures and write in my journal for an hour, sing hymns in harmony with 4-6 other students, then go back home. Because of my major, I already knew a lot of the things we were learning, so I became a mentor to many people. That combined with my love of story telling made me quite popular around test time. :) But that also meant that I was constantly telling and retelling scripture stories and discussing their pertinence to us today. With my whole life immersed in scripture, how could I not spew forth spiritual insights with every blog post?

I tell you this not to pat myself on the back, but more as a bit of advice to you. You are currently spiritually immersed. You spend all day reading, thinking, and talking about Christ and the gospel. You are service-minded. Because of that, you are going to have a lot of spiritual insight. You are going to get a lot of inspiration about things you need you change and do better at, both on the mission and when you come home. You will learn and grow so much! Please, do yourself a favor. Write in your journal often. Write in detail. Someday, you will be back to focusing on yourself, and won't be quite so in tune with the Spirit. Let your mission self teach your future self again sometime.

Ok, off my preaching platform here. :D 

Halloween! It was a busy week. Tuesday Kessa got to wear her costume (a fairy) to ballet. Wednesday Abby got to wear hers (a white kitty, patterned after Creampuff) to music class. That morning she christened her kitty self Lily and wouldn't answer to anything else. Thursday Abby got to wear her costume to Joy School, where they did a Halloween parade and sang us songs. It was super cute. Unfortunately, that's also when she started showing signs of being sick. By that afternoon she was asleep on the couch, miserable, and with a fever of around 102º. She spent the rest of the day wanting nothing more than to cuddle with me.

Honestly, of all illnesses my kids could have, a fever with no other symptoms is probably my favorite. Because they just want to cuddle, and I don't feel any guilt dropping everything else and just laying around with them all day.

Unfortunately, it meant she didn't get to go to Trunk or Treat on Friday. But, though her fever was gone, she was still rather miserable all day Friday, so she didn't really miss it, I think. She fell asleep on the bean bag chair while Kessa and I were gone.

Backing up a bit, Friday Kessa got to wear her costume to school, had early out, got to wear it to the dentist (she had a cavity filled) and got a piece of candy for it (ironic, that). Then after dinner she and I went to Trunk or Treat.

Saturday we went to Cornbelly's for the afternoon, then came back and trick or treated. (Peter finally dressed up this time and went around. He was a pumpkin. I figured he's a boy, thus he must want to do something gruesome like be a cannibal, right? ;) haha) They got So Much Candy. Thankfully, they happily agreed to do the Switch Witch again. So now they each have 5 pieces of candy and the Switch Witch has a gallon sized bag stuffed full of candy. Awesome.


Kessa, trying to convince us to let her stay up extra late tonight: But I'm speeding nice!
Editor's note: We're wondering if this is similar to being storming night. haha.
Kessa, singing: I'm going to stone, stone, stone my sillies out.
Abby, telling me that there were monsters where I was: It's OK. They are bad, but they won't hurt nice.

Alright, I'll get this sent now. Good luck heading back to the states! Get lots of sleep. Have too much silly fun. And draw a maze for Kessa. Did you ever get the card she sent you, btw?

<3 Tianna and Co.

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