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Sunday, November 15, 2015

In which Peter grins at himself, and other kid things.

Resa ~

Well, probably the most exciting news is that Peter took several steps several times this week. Yay Peter! He's so proud of himself, too. The biggest grin you can imagine.

Of course, he gave himself that same grin at dinner tonight when he caught his reflection in the sliding glass door...

Speaking of Peter and his accomplishments this week, BJ took the kids to the park on Saturday. Peter climbed up to the medium slide, which is a circular slide, and slid down by himself. He climbed up to the tallest circular slide, too, but the girls distracted him and he forgot to slide down. I might be ok with that.

A local radio station started playing Christmas music before Halloween. I started listening to it while driving this week. One day I confessed to BJ that there might be Christmas music playing when he got in his car to go to work. That same day he started playing Christmas music on the piano. I think we were both spurred into the season by waking up to snow a couple of mornings this week. I will admit to having felt less justified at listening to it once the snow melted.

Have we told you about Clusters at Kessa's school? It's one of the reasons we decided to switch schools. For 6 weeks before Christmas and 8 weeks (or is it 10? I can't remember) after, the kids get to do Clusters. Basically, it is 1.5 hour long lessons once a week, that are non-common core. The teachers all teach them, and parents are invited to teach if they want. (This time only 3 aren't teachers. Hopefully more do it next time.) As to topics, the sky is the limit. (Speaking of the sky... BJ decided to teach about the moon. :D Surprise!) They've done mummification, soap creations (that's the one Kessa is in right now), 3D art, a cappella, jewelry making, dance, etc. But the key portion that scares me as a potential teacher... the classes are student-led. Meaning, the teacher isn't supposed to make a lesson plan. They're supposed to let the kids decide what to do and how to do it. And at the end of the session, they are supposed to have a good, service, or performance to give to an authentic audience (meaning: not parents. We support them no matter what. They want an audience that actually cares about the topic.) Anyway, it's been fun for BJ. You should ask him about it.

We hung up our Thankful tree a few weeks ago. But recently Kessa decided we should all write, "like 10 each." So we just filled up all the leaves I had cut. It was starting to fill up the tree (and we wanted to cut more later), so we decided to let the wind blow some leaves off. We do live in Lehi, after all.

In an attempt to get rid of some of the toys in this house, I asked the girls to give some toys away before we got new toys for Christmas. We put them in a big Rubbermaid tub and I set them on the couch temporarily, then left. When I cam back, both girls were sitting inside the tub, playing with all the toys that they don't like, or they don't play with anymore. lol.

Abby just asked me to turn up the volume on the iPad. “It's just so nervous.”
Abby was stomping around in an obvious potty dance. She saw me look at her and declared quickly, “I'm a stomping elephant!” (That girl is very creative at insisting that she doesn't need to go to the bathroom.)
Me: I can help you go potty, but then you won't get a sticker. 
Abby: I don't want a sticker; I had too much food. 
Me: [blink] I have no idea what that means. 
Abby, angrily: It means nuffing!
Tonight we were acting out the story of Peter healing the lame man in Acts 3 (Kessa requested a story about jumping. The lame man leaps when he is healed.)
Kessa was the lame man, leaving Abby to be Peter. Except she didn't want to be Peter!Hazards of having a sibling named after a bible character. (Someday we should act out the Abigail story, as that's who she was named after.)
So we called her Simon for the duration of the play. :D Thanks, Peter, for having two names!


<3 Tianna and Co.

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