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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Just... random.

Dear Jessa ~

Pregnancy update:
I'm 35 weeks along (due date is at 40 weeks). Head is down. Bad posture hurts my back and side often.  :S There's a particular spot on my ribs on my left side that I'm surprised isn't bruised. It feels like a giant bruise. But other than that and being tired often, I don't have much to complain about. I'm doing my best to just be happy to live in the moment and not count down days. I know I'll just be trading the uncomfortable part of pregnancy with the uncomfortable part of newborn baby. So I'll enjoy the good parts of pregnancy now, while I can. It seems the best idea to keep sanity. :D

Baby got hiccups today. It was kind of funny. I didn't really notice it, but BJ happened to have his hand on my belly, feeling him move, and noticed that in a certain spot, the movements were very rhythmic. It was totally hiccups! Hilarious, though poor baby. :( haha.

A new name option cropped up this week. Peter. Kind of funny how it crept up. I was fretting about names and how I wanted him to have a good strong name, specifically a family name, but it's hard to name your kid after grandpas James and John. Might as well just throw a Peter in there! And BJ was like, "Well, why not name him Peter after the tradition of his grandfathers?" After a good laugh, I realized he was actually serious about it. Well, I like the name Peter. Just the reasoning behind it makes me giggle every time I think of it. But we're considering it. Just need to figure out a good middle name. :/ That's posing tricky.

Friday the girls and I went back to the Tulip festival with friends (the Harris'). It was fun and far more lax than our previous trip. Kessa and Audrey would run off to roll down a hill or sit on a bench, so Melanie and I would just stop where we could see them and chat for awhile. At the far back part of the garden we stopped for lunch and to let the toddlers out of the strollers to play. And after a bit of that, it was time for us to leave so we could get Kessa to preschool on time. Little did I realize that almost-8 month pregnant, pushing a double stroller, as fast as I could through the entire park, with an uphill slope at the end, took almost 20 minutes! I was sweating like crazy. Hah! So we got to the car when we were supposed to be at school.  Oops! So she was 15 minutes late.

Melanie had given them chocolate chip cookies, which Kessa had eaten, but Abby just held in her hand the entire time. Then fell asleep in the carseat and dropped the cookie on her lap. [rolls eyes] Melted chocolate all over her. Silly girl! She did that the other day with a Twix bar, too. Just held it all the way home from the store in the hot sun, then freaked out when we got home and I took it away and there was melted chocolate all over her hand. "Messy! Wash hands!" That girl has a talent for making messes. And another talent for freaking out about wanting to be clean immediately thereafter. Then usually coming back and making the exact same mess. Like today the girls went out and drew with sidewalk chalk. Then rubbed their hands in it. She'd come up with chalk all over her hand say, "Pretty hands!" then "Wash hands!" Then she'd run into the bathroom, wash her hands, then immediately go back outside and repeat the process.  Silly girl.  :)

The evening after the tulip festival, I randomly decided to mow the lawn. After both excursions that day, I was tired. (I also ended up ripping back my toenail while trying to move the climbing gym. Ugh.)

Lately Kessa has been loving flying kites. Might as well take advantage of Lehi wind, right? So BJ has been taking the kite Resa gave him years ago and flying it on the side of our house or in the cul de sac. One day she even ran in and made her own kite out of a piece of paper and yarn. Completely her own design. It was cute.

Travis went on another international trip this week, so we had him over for dinner first. He even brought us our pictures he gifted us 2 Christmas' ago. :) Now we just have to figure out how to hang them up... I also borrowed his VitaMix, so I can decide if I can justify buying my own. So far we've made strawberry banana smoothies, strawberry banana popsicles, raspberry ice cream (who knew you could make ice cream in a blender?), and a balsamic citrus dressing/marinade. All were delicious. (Except the ice cream made too much and was too rich. But we can play with that some more.)

Kessa had a birthday party for a neighbor this week. 21 girls came. And the mom made long, felt mermaid tails for all of them! Talk about a go getter mom! Hah! While she and her friend, Audrey, were there, the rest of our families got together for lunch (with that balsamic citrus dressing that turned out to be delicious). It was really fun. I like them lots.

Tonight we had dinner with a friend of mine from high school, Kami. I haven't seen her since our wedding reception. It's been a looooong time. So that was fun to catch up with her. She was in my ward and we were good friends growing up. It's fun to renew friendships!

And the rest of my week seems to have been boring and you're writing anyway, so I should probably tack on pictures and post this. :)


Somehow putting a Princess Tiana bandaids on my owies makes them feel better than any other princess could.


95% of the time feeling a baby move inside of you is magical. But you know that feeling when a child climbs all over you and digs their elbow or knee into your stomach?

Yeah, it's not comfortable when attacked from the inside, either.


It just occurred to me that next week I'll be 8 months pregnant. Am I the only pregnant person ever that *doesn't* count down the days till birth? In fact, I get a little panicked when I think about it.

Unfortunately that's Kessa's bday, so she's counting down. And it's just after WWDC (nerdy Apple conference) so BJ's got a countdown. I think it's just unavoidable.

I'm excited to welcome him into our home. I just have no desire to rush it…


The girls are supposed to be sleeping. Instead they're singing at the top of their lungs, "It's potty time, shoo-bop, shoo-bop!" It's hilarious hearing my 2-year old singing that. And my 4-year old getting mad because Abby is getting the lyrics wrong. "You stop singing." "No, you stop singing." "I'm tired!" "No, I'm still awake and I'm tired."


Finally finished spring planting in my garden! With extra garden prep this year and being 7.5 months pregnant, I wasn't sure it was going to happen. But BJ is a rock star and made it a family affair twice this week to go out and do it. And we did! Even with the girls in tow!


Proof that I was a foolish child: I didn't like sour cream. Or mushrooms. Fool. Fool that I was!



  • Kessa: I'm making one for Abby, too, because she's just so cute! And she's adorable, too.
  • Apparently Kessa is mad because BJ didn't tie her door shut.
    BJ: Fine, I'll go find the jump rope and tie it shut.
    Kessa: Fine. I'll go to bed then!
  • Me: What does it mean to get married?
    Kessa: It means you get a house together and be together forever!

Random pictures:

Abby likes to sleep in weird ways. Like on the floor. And with wipes pulled out and around her face.

BJ and Abby, just for fun.

<3 Tianna and Co.

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