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Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 weeks in one again!

Jessa ~

What with talking to you and all last week, getting home later than normal, and being super tired, I didn't blog last week. So I'll try to cram two weeks into one blog without totally boring everyone.

Kessa had her Mother's Day program at preschool. It was adorable. But there was a part of the song where they sang (yelled?) "That's my mother!" And they all pointed, theoretically towards their mother. Kessa did not. Case in point:

But I loved it anyway. She also gave me a plant, a poem about mom (where she got to fill in the blanks) and a fingerprint painting. She also tried to hold hands with the boy next to her in this picture for awhile. He was like, "Dude, what are you doing?" and wouldn't let her. Also, the three girls pictured are the only three girls in the class.  The rest are boys. Like, 10 boys. And the boy in the green striped shirt is the one that invited her to his bday party.

Thanksgiving Point opened up a new children's museum! It's called the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Because we're now members, we got to go to a members-only preview before it opened to the public. It was So Much Fun. We were there for two hours, played our hearts out, and still didn't get to everything. I'm excited to have a pass to it, but I'm a little nervous about taking the girls by myself. It's so big and there are so many people, I'm afraid I'd lose one or both kids! So it looks like that's one thing we'll do often...with Daddy. :) Or one kid at a time. I won't go into details, simply because it could easily take up a whole blog by itself. In fact, I'll combine all the pictures into one for brevity's sake! We'll just have to take you when you get home.

Saturday, Kessa's friend, Audrey, had a birthday party. She's now 4 and Kessa is fascinated that for a little bit, they're the same age. She was also convinced that Audrey would have a massive growth spurt and they'd be the same height for a month because they'd be the same age. Haha. That's not how it works, kiddo.  The party was during Abby's nap time, so I left BJ with Abby and I took Kessa to the party. I stayed to help out, largely because I like the adults and we pretty much just made it a casual play date where the moms all talked while the kids played. Then we ate cake and ice cream. It just doesn't get much better.

Then I got home and found that while I had been gone, BJ had moved 98% of our storage from the family room out to the garage!  Hooray!!!! It was his surprise Mothers' Day present for me. I'll take service over flowers any Mothers' Day! That had been one of my big stresses pre-baby, was being able to get the house clean, when all our storage took up so much of the main living area. Even when it was clean, it still looked chaotic. Moving it out to the garage was ideal, because it opened up the family room, left the storage accessible, and when we do move it, we now have the door from the garage to the storage room, so we won't have to carry it down any stairs. Just move it on through!

As he finished moving out the last of it, I cleaned up the family room. We then did some minor rearranging and BJ hung the pictures we got from Travis for Christmas—my favorites from his religious collection, many of which I helped take in the Holy Land. So not only was my family room spotless for Mothers' Day, but we got all those pictures hung!

The next morning Kessa gave me the collection (like, manilla envelope full) of notes and cards she'd been writing/coloring for me all week long. And she'd made Abby a necklace and wrapped it and gave that to her, too. It was adorable. She was so focused on giving and never once asked for a present for herself. I was very proud of her. And BJ gave me an egg maker/toaster like we got for our wedding, but it broke. Do you remember that thing? It was amazing. Well, he gave me a picture of one, anyway. :D

After church we went up to your parents' where we ate and got to talk to you! Despite their minimal appearances, the girls were super excited to talk to you, and liked to watch you from off-screen. A little before you called Kessa told me, "Mommy, I don't remember Jessa. I mean, I know her, but I don't remember her." I think she was trying to say that she knew who you were, she loves you, she talks about you all the time, but she doesn't have many actual memories of you anymore. She's definitely excited to make more memories with you when you come home. I just thought it was cute how she was trying to put such big ideas into such a small vocabulary. And wanted to make sure that I knew when she said she didn't remember you, she still knew you and remembered you, but just doesn't... remember. See? It's a big idea for big girls, too.

As of this past Monday, I start going to the midwife weekly. Thank goodness for BJ working from home. That would be a nightmare with two kids. Things are going well, still. Not much to report, except now I'm 37 weeks, so if I go into labor anytime, I can legally still give birth at home. So we're in the homeward stretch! Any blog now could feature pictures of a new baby! Maybe by then we'll have a name decided for sure. lol. Currently we're considering Peter Russell Homer. Thoughts?

Kessa got sick around this time. She threw up Sunday night, had tummy problems most of Monday, and was just mostly miserable. I was supposed to teach Joy School on Tuesday, but where 3 of the 5 families have newborns and the other two of us are pregnant, I really didn't want to spread it. So we canceled Tuesday's and just tried to cram it all into Thursday. It made Kessa really sad to cancel, so she wrote notes for all her Joy School friends that said, "Thak You. I love you." (That first word is Thank, if you didn't catch it. :D) It was adorable.

Wednesday Kessa woke up and decided it was her toy kitty's 2nd birthday. So all morning she worked on wrapping presents (such as beads, glue sticks, and the tape) and decorating the house with ribbons, pretending to be streamers, hanging from light switches, curtain rods, etc. I was grocery shopping while Kessa was at preschool and BJ requested donuts, so I got one with sprinkles for Kessa, but didn't give it to her before Abby woke up, and I hadn't gotten Abby one, so I wasn't sure what to do. Until I remembered Kitty's birthday. So after dinner we put candles in it and Kessa helped kitty blow them out. "I'll blow them out, though, Mommy, because Kitty isn't real and can't really do it." Then we split it into thirds for Kessa, Abby and Damian (who had just come into town). And then I made strawberry milkshakes, because I have an awesome blender and strawberries that needed to be eaten. It just made sense.

My doula came Wednesday night to talk about comfort measures and to teach us some things to help with my comfort in labor. I think we scared Damian. He ran to the basement, but could still hear everything. He's already told me that if I go into labor while he's here, he's running away to Travis' house, even though Trav is out of the country. I think he's come a long way from the farm if being in my basement while I'm in labor upstairs makes him squeamish. Lol. It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

He worked on sheetrock this week. He started with ceilings, because those are hardest. Sadly I didn't get a picture of him trying to walk around on stilts. That was funny. But the family room is now all (mostly?) done, including walls. Including windows for the playhouse under the stairs! And he's been working on the game room and office. I haven't been down since he left, though, so I don't remember exactly what he's finished, but he made great progress and will be coming down this week to do more.

Thursday was Joy School. We're starting the Joy of Family, Security, and Pride section. We read lots of stories and did lots of crafts. It was fun. But I'm certainly glad to be done teaching for the year! I'm getting too tired for that. (This is why I wouldn't actually make a good homeschool mom.) I'm just hoping I'll be able to make her Joy School graduation and not be having a baby or something.

Thursday afternoon we took the Harris' up to the zoo. They opened the first part of the African Savannah, so there are now lions! It was a little anti-climactic, though. They just laid around and we only saw the two females, and not the males. But we still had a ton of fun. Hopefully sometime in the next month or two we'll make it up with the baby and see the rest of the Savannah open. They're putting in a water hole for all the herbivore animals to be together. The little you can see now looks awesome. And they'll reopen the train so we can ride it around the zoo! Hooray! Overall it was really fun, though. And we had to rush through the end of it, because the zoo was closing. And the girls were sad to be leaving. As annoying as it is, it's usually a good sign when the girls cry because they have to leave. At least we know they enjoyed it.

Saturday was supposed to be Ellie Henderson's baptism. I'm sure your mom will tell you more (as she knows more. I've only heard from her so far.) but Bonnie got in a car wreck that morning and broke her foot. And where she's pregnant, they kept her in the hospital for monitoring for 24 hours. So the baptism will have to be postponed. How sad! Like their family needs any more physical trials. Goodness.  God has a high opinion of Bonnie's physical strength, y'know?

We ended up going up to South Jordan and having a BBQ with some friends that night instead. Which was a last-minute and convenient way to soothe Kessa's sad feelings when we had to tell her we couldn't go to the baptism. She was pretty sad about it. But a backyard with two play sets and a trampoline and friends was able to distract her easily enough. But in bad news, it made me jealous of there larger yard and lack-of-stairs to reach their deck. [sigh] Be happy with what you have, Tianna.

We got home and put the girls to bed and BJ surprised me by announcing that he was tired and ready for bed... at 9:30. So we went to bed super early. I tossed and turned for about an hour because it was So Stinking Hot, so I finally got up and turned the A/C down about 5 degrees so I could finally go to sleep. I'll be glad when I stop being an incubator. Today BJ wasn't feeling fantastic, so he left church early and came home to nap. He slept from about 1:30ish until 4 when I woke him up so we could go to Bountiful. So unlike him!

But we went to Aunt Barbara's for Nana's 94th bday party.  We didn't make a candle like Nick did for Grandpa Goddard's, though. Shame. :) But I think Nana would have had a much different reaction. It's probably for the best. Kessa got along great with Laura's kids and they had the time of their lives together. Abby just had fun running around to whoever would pay attention to her.

And that pretty much sums up our last 2 weeks!  Whew!

Random Facebook:
Kessa turned on Frozen for herself and Abby. Instead of stopping her because she hadn't earned screen time yet, I took a nap. It was lovely.
For the first time in probably a month or more, all of my recycling is out of my house and garage and waiting to be picked up at the curb. I guess that's the price you pay for finishing your basement and only having bi-weekly recycling pickup. (Thanks, Jenna, for letting me use your recycling can twice in a row. And your garbage can last time.)

Of course that means Damian is coming back tonight to keep working on the basement, so I'm probably just about to get behind again... But for tonight I'm going to rejoice at the lack of milk jugs on my counter!


Note: The recycling can, for the second time, only got half emptied because of one stupid box that keeps getting stuck. Wish me luck for NEXT Tuesday to finally get everything emptied. [sigh]
Sometimes life is hard. Like when you have to get off a giant bean bag chair at 8+ months pregnant.
How to properly end Mothers' Day in the most appropriately motherly way possible: cleaning up throw up.

Good night everyone! Pray I don't need to wake up again until morning!
Today has been pretty amazing. I slept in until about 8:30, then BJ took care of the girls' breakfast so I got to read about 8 chapters of scripture by myself. Then I emptied the dishwasher with Abby's help. The girls have not had any screen time, nor have asked for any treats. I made a green smoothie that Kessa said tasted "just like dessert!" and Abby had two servings of. Our snack consisted of that and peanuts. The girls have played together beautifully with only a couple of minor arguments and I have not lost my temper nor yelled at either all morning. Preschool and naptime are just around the corner. Abby has not asked for her binkie all day. The only mention of it was while she was jumping on the couch and happily yelled, "binkie, all gone!"

So everyone just pray that Abby will actually take a real nap today instead of playing for two hours, then crying because she's tired and finally falling asleep for maybe a half hour. Because a real nap would really just make this day perfect.
We put Abby to bed 2 hours ago. I'm currently watching her, through our drop cam, pulling out wipes, wiping her stuffed doggies bum, putting the wipes back in the diaper box, pulling out a diaper, and trying to put it on. Repeat over and over again. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sleep before her.

Also, she only took a 30 minute nap today, at most. We're binkie-weaning over here and apparently she has no clue how to go to sleep without it. In good news, she's generally happy when she's supposed to be sleeping. Just ... not sleeping.

Oh, all those posts just reminded me, Abby is officially weaned from the binkie! She hasn't asked for it in at least a week. And if she ever mentions it, it's basically something like this, "Binkie? Binkie all gone. Binkie tomorrow." [nod and move on with life]


  • Kessa just knocked on the table. Abby asked, “Elsa?” (From Frozen)
  • Kessa: Just one person. Mommy and daddy.
    Me: That's two people. Mommy and daddy are two people.
    Kessa: No, I mean one group. One group of really old people.
  • Me: Do we need to have Gunny Bag come today? I'm afraid that might be the only way to get you to do your chore.
    Kessa: If Gunny Bag picks up all the toys, then can I play with friends? Because all the toys are picked up!
  • Kessa: “We're higher than anything. We're higher than the ground!”
  • Kessa got a wand in a party favor bag from a birthday party. Whenever Abby finds it, she carries it around yelling, “I've got magic!”

Love you!
~ Tianna and Co.

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