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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just randomness with only one picture.

Jessa ~

We got new iPhones this week!  Hooray!  It's exciting; we got the iPhone 5s's.  Which  means, in short, that our cameras are cooler, we can unlock our phones and check out in the iTunes store with our fingerprints, and apps load way faster.  Also, the screen is taller, so my fingers no longer can reach.  Small finger problems, I guess.  Kessa likes to try to unlock mine with her thumbprint and thinks it's really funny that she can't.  Silly girl.  I've named my phone Syl, after a character in The Way of Kings.  So you'll have a little tidbit to look forward to when you read that. ;)  My phone is silver with a blue case.  And 64 GB!  I have so much space.  It's ridiculous.  I love it.  BJ got a black 32 GB with no case.  Because he's crazy like that.  I ended up taking the girls with me to the Verizon store to upgrade.  By myself.  With a 40 minute wait.  I know; I'm insane.  But I came prepared with snacks, coloring books, iPad and iPod.  And they actually did really well.  After each eating a fruit snack they proceeded to march around the store for about 5-10 minutes.  And then ate goldfish crackers.  And then danced to the music being played.  And then laid on the floor to "sleep" but really danced to the music while laying down (hence the picture).  And then at the very end we pulled out the electronics while I actually worked with the people to get our phones.

Speaking of The Way of Kings... its sequel, Words of Radiance, comes out in two days.  Crazy talk, I know.  I'm super excited.  Get ready for non-spoiler gushing next week.  Haha.  But, of course, the day it comes out I've scheduled an appointment with a contractor to give us a bid on our basement, and we have our youth fundraiser that night.  Then the next day is another bid and my homemaking craft night.  So, clearly I'm either going to have to stay up all night, or not get it all read in one day.  It's gonna be tough.

"Wait.  Bids on your basement?  What are you talking about Tianna?"  Glad you asked.  We've been saving up money to finish our basement.  Sadly savings for it has slowed as we've been needing to put extra money aside for Baby 3.0's birth.  But once that's done, basement finishing will be looming on the horizon for us.  Hopefully.  We realized that we didn't even know about how much to save.  So we didn't even know how far away that horizon was.  So we got some recommendations and have been having companies come out and give us bids for finishing our basement.  We've had one this week and will have two more next week.  And maybe we'll do just a little bit at a time.  Like, the bedroom (which will double as BJ's office unless he decides to stop working at home) and the bathroom first.  To make work nicer for BJ.  And then shelves in the storage areas.  And then the living area/game area/furnace closet/hall/stairs.  We'll see how it ends up working out...  So maybe we'll have a finished basement when you get home, and maybe we won't.

Our neighbors to the west decided to put in a fence.  The posts are in now and the fence goes in on Tuesday.  Kessa is devastated.  "But Mommy!  Now we'll have to ask permission before we can go play on their swings and slide!"  "But Mommy!  Now if I want to jump on the trampoline (which is the house on the other side of the one being fenced) I'm going to have to climb over both fences!"  (Hah!  We explained that we'll still be able to walk around the house, through the front, to get to the next neighbor's house.  It's interesting, because I feel the same way.  I mean, I totally understand why they're doing it, but that doesn't mean I'm any less sad about it.  But interesting because when Kessa is sad about it, I can empathize with her, and she calms down really quickly.  "I know honey, I don't like it either.  But we'll get used to it and it'll be ok."  I need to try empathy with her more often when she's upset...

I went to the temple really early on Thursday.  I told you I printed tons of temple names, right?  Well, BJ and I decided that we need to do those names.  So we worked out a schedule where once a week one of us will go early in the morning while the other gets the girls ready.  Then the next week we switch.  So Thursday I woke up at 5 and went.  I did pretty well until the end.  And then I got hot and stuffy and just ready to Be Done.  And I couldn't have water with me.  So I was basically praying that I would be able to live through the rest of it.  Haha.  I made it!  Hooray!  But now I think I need to re-think my schedule.  I don't think getting less sleep is good for me while pregnant.  So now I think I'll try to figure out babysitting for Abby during Joy School or something.

Did you know there are new temple videos?  One came out several months ago and it was really cool.  It's nice to have an updated video with modern technology to replace the ones made in, what, the 70s or 80s?  Well, there's another new one.  So, two new ones.  And I got to see the second new one on Thursday out of sheer luck!  I love it.  I don't care how many times I've seen the temple video, and all of them are the same in words, of course, but this time, I actually cried.  They add so much emotion to it.  It really touched me more than any of the others have.  So I hope to see that one again soon.

Our stake is doing a children's choir for stake conference in a few weeks.  At my request.  Because, y'know, I don't have anything to do with my time.  Totally bored.  ;)  But I'm so glad I've taken the time to put this together.  Tonight was the first practice and they are so adorable!  I loved it.  Our stake music director, Bro. Hunsaker, is incredible.  He really works well with children.  We've only got two more practices, and I was nervous about that, but they're learning the music really well already, so hopefully they'll have it down pat with two more practices.  And, let's be honest, it's a children's choir.  Everyone will just think they're adorable.  :D  Hahaha.

The two houses across the street from us, in the other cul de sac, are done.  Well, one is done and one is almost done.  A new family moved into the one that's done yesterday.  So we had them over for dinner.  They're cute.  I think I'll like them.  And they've got a 3-year old boy, a 1.5 year old daughter and a baby on the way.  So they're a goodish fit for our kids.  So that's fun.

Today, thanks to questions by my 4-year old (and and BJ Homer) I learned several things:

1) Antarctica looks like a duck.
2) At the south pole, the sun rises and sets once per *year* (At the equinoxes). Which means they have 6 months of sun and 6 months of dark.
3) Antarctica has 24 time zones.
4) At the south pole, a clock synchronized to *any* time zone would be correct.
5) Due to resupply missions from New Zealand and sake of convenience, they just say that Antarctica is all on New Zealand times.


  • I think it’s hilarious that when Abby has her binkie and isn’t supposed to, she comes and finds me, but tucks her head down, like that’ll keep me from seeing it.
  • From BJ:
    Kessa asked me to make up a “butterfly song” to sing to her tonight. To the tune of “Once there was a snowman”:
    Once there was a butterfly,
    butterfly, butterfly
    Once there was a butterfly,
    In the wind it blew,
    blew, blew
    In the wind it blew,
    so so high.

    When I finished singing, Kessa said “Thank you for singing that song, Daddy. It was very wonderful and nice.”
  • Kessa was whining about something and I asked, “Why are you whining about everything today?” “No I’m not.” “Ok, let’s just take a deep breath.” “No, I’m done!” Complete with arms flailed out and walking out of the room. Turns out, she pays attention to what I do when I’m frustrated.  Oops.  :)
  • Kessa: I'm so excited to bleed again, do you know why? So I can have one of these bandaids!
  • Kessa: Can Izzy come over and play? If you say no, I’ll just ask Daddy.
  • Abby's two most commonly used phrases lately are "Don't!" and "Do not!"  Apparently a simple "no" no longer suffices.  Also, every time it reminds me of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when Mrs. Dursley is proud that Dudley learns a new word: Won't.  Hopefully we do a better job with Abby than the Dursleys did with Dudley, though...

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