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Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving, moving, moving

So, BJ and I have been a little worried about money lately.  Mostly about paying two mortgages simultaneously.  (And with pregnancy hormones, I've probably carried the majority of the worry on my shoulders. :D )  And then… my car got oil in the radiator.  Again.  And they said they thought they might have to replace the engine.  Which would cost $4-5k.  Which is how much we paid for the car in the first place.  We didn't have money for that or to buy a new car.  And I really didn't want to do the whole one-car thing.  So then I really started to freak out.

I learned a lesson in this.  Praying in detail is a lot more beneficial than general prayers.  We'd been praying for awhile for everything to work out financially.  But Tuesday night (after we found out about the car) we prayed specifically for help to find a buyer for our condo so that we wouldn't have to deal with all the financial stress that would come with two mortgages.  (Oh, and btw, we couldn't rent our condo, either.  It'd just sit here empty.)  We told God about our fear of that financial burden and our desire to follow His commands to get out of debt quickly and that we needed His help to do so.

Wednesday I got a phone call from my neighbor, Kristin, saying that a lady she knew was outside wanting to look at our condo.  But I was out at Yuba lake boating, so I couldn't let her in.  So Kristin gave her my phone number.  Ruby (the lady) called me an hour or so later saying she was interested, could she come see it.  So we set up a time for Thursday afternoon.

Thursday I was just sick and had a really hard time cleaning.  I could only stand for so long before I got so light headed I had to sit back down.  I did as much cleaning as I could sitting, but I wasn't getting far.  And then 2-3 hours before the appointed time, Ruby showed up.  She forgot her cell phone, so she couldn't call, but she was in the area, so could she just look around?  I apologized profusely for the state of my house, but she just brushed it off, saying she raised kids, too, so don't even worry about it.  She seemed to like it, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Friday morning my agent, Lori, called saying she had gotten a voicemail from Ruby saying she was interested.  Friday afternoon Ruby went to Lori's office and wrote up a contract.  Friday evening Lori brought the contract over and BJ and I signed it.

The closing date was in 2 weeks.

Let's summarize this miracle, shall we?

Tuesday: Find out car repairs are way too expensive; Tianna freaks out; detailed prayers for finding a buyer begin.

Wednesday: Ruby calls wanting to see the house.

Thursday: Ruby walks through my really messy house.

Friday: Ruby makes an offer; we all sign a contract.

Um…  guys.  THIS IS AWESOME!  And a miracle.  And an answer to prayers.

And everything is happening so fast.

We now have less than two weeks to move almost everything into storage, move our everyday things to Riverton (we'll be living with BJ's parents), and clean our condo.  I'm a little overwhelmed right now.  :)  But it's really happening!  I am much more grateful than overwhelmed, that's for sure.

But yipes!  So much to do!  Why am I blogging?  :)

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