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Thursday, June 16, 2011


… and by "we're pretty sure it's for real this time" I mean "we signed a contract, put down earnest money and will be putting down a construction deposit later this week (all of which will eventually go towards our down payment) and we picked out the color of our stucco and our rock.  And chose what structural upgrades we're going to do.  And we're setting up appointment to choose all of our inside stuff: cupboards, carpet, counters, etc.  And we've got the ball rolling on getting our financing approval."

So… uhh… yeah.  I'm pretty sure it's more than just "pretty sure" now.

Just cross your fingers that we can sell without lowering our price (we won't even break even right now) so we don't have to have two mortgage payments.  Cuz that'd stink.  :S

Seriously, do you know anyone that wants a fantastic condo in an even more fantastic ward?  I'm not kidding.


Michael said...

If you can't sell your condo maybe you should consider renting it out and using the rent to cover that mortgage until you can sell it.

Tianna said...

Can't. HOA bylaws won't allow any more renters.

Clark and Rebecca said...

How exciting!

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