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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

Bailey was the one who made me an aunt.  I was an underclassman in high school, and I proudly displayed her picture in my locker.  My friends and I always argued over who had the cutest nieces and nephews, but I'm still convinced I was right.  Bailey was the cutest of them all.  She also shares a birthday with my cousin, Amanda (pictured to the left).  It's always been easy for me to remember her birthday, because I'd been remembering that date for years already.

Bailey also became the oldest niece for BJ when we got married.  It was quite the adjustment for BJ to go from zero to eleven nieces and nephews.  Bailey fit right in, though, since she and BJ's sister, Teresa, are practically twins.  I mean, look at them.  They got along fantastically and I consistently got into trouble for not taking Bailey to Riverton every single time we went home.

Bailey has always been the best big sister and aunt.  She absolutely loves kids and always has.  I remember being over at her house when Hunter was little and hearing her ask, "Mom, can I change Hunter's diaper?"  I was floored.  What child actually asks that? She gave them baths, she played with them, she held them. Bailey just loves kids.  (Except when Kessa was born.  We had to talk her into holding Kessa.  Wha-aat?  Silly girl.)

Sometimes, though, she still thinks her brothers are crazy.

Bailey is a helper in more ways than just with kids.  She helps cook, clean up, and even brush the snow off the back of Grandma and Grandpa's van with a broom.

Bailey is very girly in many ways.  She dresses up, she's a diva, she giggles, she teases.  She's into makeup and clothes.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't rough and tumble with the boys.

Bailey is very talented.  Not only is she domestic and great with kids, but she also plays the piano…

 … does dance, gymnastics/tumbling, and spent a few years learning diving at BYU.  Seriously, this girl athletic and good at everything she does.

But above all, she's a goof.  She loves to be silly and she loves to tease.  And man, does that girl have a good memory.  One time I took her shopping for something or the other and we stopped at McDonalds for lunch.  She was pretty little, so I got her a regular cheeseburger and myself a double cheeseburger.  (I know, I splurged, didn't I?)  I went to fill up our waters (dropped the big bucks) and when I came back, she was eating my double cheeseburger.  I teased her about it, ate hers, and the half of mine that she didn't finish.  For years after that, when I'd see her, she'd say, "Do you remember that time I ate your cheeseburger?"  (Speaking of remembering everything, I do not owe you $100, Bailey.  You ruined my back, remember?  Totally cancels it out.)

Bailey is a poser.  Getting a normal picture of her is next to impossible.  She loves to strike a pose and make silly faces.  But she continues to be adorable and one of the cutest girls alive, so I suppose I'll forgive her for it.  :)

Happy birthday, Bailey!  
I can't believe how much you've grown up.  
Hope your day was fantastic!

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