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Monday, April 5, 2010

We're famous! … sort of

Sunday afternoon session of General Conference found Kessa happily playing with the Homers while BJ and I took my parents to the Conference Center. We had great seats, (thanks Kristy!) and enjoyed watching Elder Brad Foster (from Ririe!) give his talk. It was a great session and we enjoyed being there in person. (We also enjoyed a child-free session of conference.)

Today our friend, Brooke, informed us that she saw us on TV! Of course we downloaded the video of the session and looked for ourselves. (Ok, fine. She didn't see us. She saw BJ. And maybe my mom. I mostly downloaded it to prove that if BJ was there, I was too.) So for your enjoyment, proof that we attended Conference Sunday afternoon. (Y'know, in case someone thought we just skipped out and got a babysitter for Conference so that we could go on a date.)

#1 - BJ
#2 - Top of Tianna's head and eye
#3 - Back of Mom Lovell's head
#4 - Dad Lovell

Turns out we girls are too short to make it onto international television. [sigh]


Chillygator said...

I am SO glad you guys got in okay! I started feeling sick and fell asleep as soon as I got home, while thinking I needed to stay awake for you (o: Yeah, totally didn't happen!

Brooklyn said...

OK, everything is confirmed to me now. That's definitely the shot I saw. Yay :)