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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Misc stuffs

I have a collection of pictures and videos that are so random and unrelated that I figured I'd just stick them all in a post together.

Here's a video of Kessa eating her washcloth between bites.

Today Kessa started chewing the air. Luckily, I caught a short video of it.

And now for the pictures. BJ discovered that Kessa will hold herself up on the arm of the chair and "fly"

This is Kessa asleep in her crib. This isn't abnormal by any means. But if you look under her hand and neck you'll see a little pink thing. It's a crocheted owl blanket thing. It's a perfect crib toy, so we've left it in her crib ever since we got it soon after she was born. But this was the first time she'd ever actually done anything with it. She made it into a pillow!

We had a white elephant gift exchange. This is what we took for our gift. A white elephant! (Made out of towels, buttons, rubber bands, and ribbon.)

Bonnie let us borrow a bunch of clothes. Here is a car seat outfit. The straps go through it and around it so that she stays strapped in, but it's nice and fluffy so that she can stay warm. We love it!

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Jessalyn said...

Hahaha! When I first say her in that huge marshmallow carseat outfit I was laughing so hard!! I don't know why but it was absolutely the funniest thing to me! I just love it.