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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Couch

BJ's brother, Nick, is quite the inventive sort. I'm not sure he's ever thought inside the box. For many years now, he has dreamed of making a motorized couch. Recently, the stars aligned and everything came together to make his dreams come true. He brought his couch up for Thanksgiving and we all had fun riding on it.

Here is BJ and I on the couch. (Please be so kind as to ignore the fact that we both look awful.)

And here is a video of the couch in action. This is Teresa and Nick riding around the driveway, jamming to some Portuguese music. Yes, the couch has a sound system inside.

Basically, Nick is awesome. I hope to hear some great dating stories soon involving the couch.


Alison said...

You just made my day!

Alan C Williams said...

Being a guy, how did he do it? It looks like it is mounted on an electric scooter or wheelchair...The sound system is a great touch!

BJ Homer said...

Electric wheelchair, with the seat removed and a couple metal bars welded together to mount the couch.