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Sunday, May 17, 2009

New baby girl!

No, I didn't have my baby yet. This is a different little girl. Last Sunday BJ and I unexpectedly came home with a new baby girl. Her name is Ella, but mostly we just call her Kitty.

When she's tired, she's quite cuddly and snuggly. She and I are best friends during this time. There have been many times she's fallen asleep on my shoulder or chest and I can't bring myself to get up, because then I'll wake her up. We laid around like this one day for almost 3 hours before I finally had to get up because my back was killing me, my computer had died, the TV was on a DVD menu and replaying it over and over again, and I didn't have the remote, and I was really thirsty and my glass of water was across the room. Yes, this is the power this kitten has over me.

When she's not tired, she is very, very active. She'll run around the house attacking everything that moves... and everything that doesn't. She's hilarious to watch, not so fun to be the target of. BJ, Jess, Kyle and I are all covered in little scratches from being her play toys. Needless to say, we've purchased some little toys for her to play with, and she seems to like them... until she loses them.

We're currently working on sleeping arrangements. If we lock her up in the bathroom (where her kitty litter is) she mews all night. She doesn't like being lonely. If we let her roam free, she likes to jump up on our bed and attack us as we sleep. (No, we can't just shut our bedroom door; her bathroom is in our bedroom.) She's getting better about letting us sleep, so we've been letting her roam the last few nights. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it'll just get better.

Overall, we love the little dear to death and are quite pleased with her.


Andrea said...

When we got our puppy we would put him in his kennel to sleep in another room and he would bark all night. So we put his kennel in our room for like 2 weeks, and now he's find with it in another room, so you could try that.

She is super cute!

Josh & Jul said...

Yay! She's so adorable! :) I absolutely love pets. When Josh and I got our dog, we couldn't even make her sleep on the floor next to our bed-- she absolutely insisted on being under the covers, so we just gave up after the second night of fighting with her. :P Good luck with the new addition!

Alison said...

How adorable! I want one!

Amanda said...

So cute! I wish I could get a kitty... someday! :)