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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I made a list of things I wanted to do today. Saturdays with no plans are wonderful that way. I actually have a running "to do list" of all the things I think of and know I'll forget, so I added a few to that of things I specifically needed to do today (like laundry) then just made the whole list my to do list.

I was sewing a button back onto my coat (knowing I probably wouldn't wear it again until next winter, and I'd probably lose the button in the move and the many months between now and then) and heard change jingling in the pocket. Of course, then I was curious as to what all I had left in my pocket. (It's very common for me to forget I had things in my coat pocket, because I never know when the last time I'm going to wear it is.)

I pulled out (among other worthless things like tissues) $18.87 and my mint chapstick that I have been missing for quite awhile now. I am well pleased.

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T&JCroxall said...

Nice! I love finding cash I didn't remember having! Hey I was wondering if you need any more newborn diapers. I have a bagful left over and want to get rid of it. You seem pretty well stocked up so if not, I will look for a new home for them. Let me know!