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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A post mostly about Abby.

Dear Resa ~

Let's start with kiddisms, shall we?

Abby: This is a girl, not a baby.
Abby: Kessa, when I die, I will come back alive in one week to see you. Ok, sister?
Abby won't drink out of the princess cup with a crown on it because she is not purple Elsa! She has a Fever dress, not a coronation dress!
Abby in the dinner prayer: Thank you for Jesus and that we played with Him all day.
Abby: I don't need to go potty; I need to go in an airplane!
Kessa: I don't need to go in an airplane; an airplane needs to go in me!
Me: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
Abby: Because celebrate means we go to Thanksgiving after dinner.
Abby: For Jesus!
Me, half paying attention: Oh, for Jesus?
Abby: My mouth is heaven for Jesus!
Me: What game?
BJ: Dominion
Abby: The yellow minion?
BJ and Me: [laugh]
Abby: The purple minion?
Me: No. DO-minion.
Abby: The blue minion? Which minion?! What color?
BJ: Brown.
Peter's high chair is pushed up to the table. Apparently he was hungry, because he climbed onto a chair, onto the table, laid on his belly with his feet pointing to the high chair, then scooted himself backwards until his feet were in the high chair. He didn’t quite make it to sitting in there, though.

Wow. That was a lot of Abby. Apparently kids are funniest around 3-4 years old.

Well, let's do some more Abby, shall we?

This Frozen Fever dress is her favorite. She wears it every time I will let her get away with it. (So, not to church, gymnastics, or anywhere where a bunch of other kids running around might step on her train. Oh, and not to bed. It needs a break sometimes.) She asks every person she sees if they like her dress. She has shown several people the movie for their first time, insisting throughout the whole show that it is actually her in the movie. "Oh see? I sneezed out snowmen. How silly."

And that really awkward picture? She is becoming fond of falling off the couch into really awkward positions, then staying there and laughing. This was her showing off for my visiting teachers.

I don't feel like I have much more to say this week.  Just focused on getting ready for Christmas break. Less than a week left!

~ Tianna and co.

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