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Monday, October 19, 2015

A double dose of kiddisms

Dear Resa ~

I'm sorry for all the confusion with last week's letters. I had my days mixed up and thought you wrote on Monday. It was just a mess. And, just now, I just realized that my last post never actually posted. It had kiddisms and pictures! [sigh] Lesson learned, though! Never blog kiddisms and pictures from the tire store on my phone.

Forgive me?

Let's start with kiddisms. In good news, you get a double dose.
Abby: Am I going to Liam's house?
Me: Yup!
Abby: But I don't like boys!
Me: Remember Brother Anderson?
Abby: I like him!
Me: He's a boy.
Abby: I like that boy but not other beautiful boys.
Me: Can you tell me the story?
Abby: Mmmmm… no. I don't know how to learn it. Because I'm not a mommy.
Pizza night at the Homers = Zoombini quote night. “There's something on here I don't like!” “The perfect pizza!”
Abby: Mommy, we forgot to watch a show!
Me: You did watch a show. You just fell asleep while you were watching.
Abby: I noticed.
Abby: G-O-L-M-O spells go.
Kessa: Mommy! Time for breakfast!
Me: Is it ready?
Abby: Yes, because I can fly.
Abby threw up tonight. We just got her resettled on our bedroom floor.
Abby: It's still hurting.
Me: If you need to throw up again, try to get it in that bucket beside you.
Abby, writhing slightly: I'm trying to push it out.
Me: Does it feel like it's going to come out your mouth or your bum?
Abby, relaxing visibly: It came out my toes.
Abby: If you go to Farm Country, I will give you a candy. Promise?
Abby, whispering: Mommy, if you let me go to Grandma Lovell's, will you give me a candy?
BJ: Eight plus the tree plus the two is 13.
BJ: With our hands combined, we are… holding hands!
Talking about a favorite neighborhood kitten that died last year:
Abby: She ran to heaven.
Kessa: She didn't run to heaven. She didn't fly to heaven. She died to heaven.
Abby is scared to sleep by herself tonight. She's in bed yelling, “Daddy, I'm scary!”
Abby: Cooper! Watch this sound!

I know you want us to write via real letters. You have one in the real mail from Kessa. And you should have gotten some printed at the MTC by the time you read this from Kessa and Abby. But I'm going to keep writing this one, too, as it doubles as my blog. So there. :P

I told you my mom took my kids for almost a week, right? It was marvelous. When I thought of something I needed at a store, I could just go get it. Right then. By myself. Or when some friends who decided to move to Boston had a dinner/game night and invited us, we went, even though it was late at night. I got so many little things done. Not many things that sound impressive on their own, but it was the conglomeration of all of them that made it so lovely.

I have a friend who does a podcast called The Protagonist Podcast. Every week they talk about a different fictional protagonist. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would join them as a guest for the Harry Potter podcast. Um. Yes! Yes, I would. So I did! Thursday night I went down to Orem and spent a couple of hours talking all about Harry. It was lovely. (It'll be edited down to an hour.) I'm excited for it to come out and see what it ended up being like!

Abby has been showing a great interest in cooking lately. That is actually an understatement. Every time I start cooking anything, she comes running into the kitchen, grabs her kitchen chair with her booster on the seat, pushes it over to wherever I happen to be working while yelling, "I want to help!" It's adorable and very inconvenient all at the same time. I think that might actually be a good description of kids in general. :D Anyway, so when my friend, Melanie, hosted a Kids in the Kitchen Pampered Chef party, I had to go. It was a little chaotic (it had a good turnout), but super fun. Abby and Kessa both had a grand time. And then, as is the point of the party, I spent way too much money on Pampered Chef items. But in good news, many of them I got so that I could cook with my kids more! So... hopefully that happens.

Last night Kessa walked into the ditch and completely out of the blue said, "I want to be more like a grown up.” I asked her if she knew what that meant and she said, “Yes. It means I have more chores and things.” She then proceeded to help me finish cooking dinner and setting the table! She's so proud of herself. (And I am too!) This morning, when she was having a hard time being responsible with her  morning chores and getting ready for school, I asked her if she had meant that she just wanted to be more like a grown up last night, or just for a couple of days. "No, I meant it for forever!" And then she got up and (admittedly very slowly and with prodding), finished getting ready for school. I love that girl.

Peter has stood up by himself for about 5 seconds multiple times now. At my parents' house he took a couple of steps by himself, but I don't think he's done it since then. He's getting there, though! He can also climb really well.  Up and down stairs. Up the stool in the bathroom so that he can turn on the water. And even more fun, he's also learned how to stopper the drain and fill up the sink! Woo! What a lucky mommy am I! ;)

And now, pictures.

Some pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Lovell's

Hopefully all is great in Mexico. That you can walk again. And that you understand and speak a little more Spanish. Hugs!

<3 Tianna and Co.

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