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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Input requested

BJ had me play with Day One (the journaling app he works for) tonight. I ended up writing a stream-of-conscious bug report as a journal entry. It was late and I seemed to have lost any filters. It was really fun. BJ thought it entertaining as well. 

Afterwards BJ mentioned, "Sometimes I forget that I first got to know you through your writing." It made me realize how much I miss writing. And blogging. And how I seem to have lost some of my zest for life when I stopped writing. 

So, if anyone still reads this, what would you like to hear about? Kids? Life? Kiddisms? Old stories? Ramblings? Stream of consciousness on random topics? Opinions? Help a girl out!


Denise said...

Just anything. All the stuff that reminds me why I wish we were in-person BFFs. :)

Thora said...

I love reading stream of consciousness - so basically whatever you think about. I realized recently that I really missed blogging - I think things through by words, whether in writing or talking. And sometimes I would really rather write. Knowing this, I have tried to start writing again, but it is hard once you're out of the habit.

Emily Kerby said...

I like reading about your kids. And just about anything else. Whatever you guys are up to.