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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just kiddisms

Jessa ~

Ok, I lied. I don't have the catch up post ready yet. Tonight we did a 3rd Sunday dinner since it was birthday week and General Conference is the week after 4th Sunday, so we thought we'd spread out the family dinners. And we didn't get home until almost 9:30, then had to bedtime and now you're probably online and... I just don't have time to gather pictures and stories and such. Instead, I'm gonna give you all the kiddisms (with one adult appearance) I've collected over the last several weeks. It's everyone's favorite part of the blog anyway, let's be honest. :)
  • Kessa: "Mommy, we’re playing a new game. We’re playing house. And this is my new wand."
    Then she wandered off muttering, “Now where is that power button…”
  • Me: You're a silly goose. Are you a silly goose?
    Abby: No! I not a silly goose!
    Me: Are you a goof ball?
    Abby: Noooooo!!!
    Me: Then what are you?
    Abby: I a duhgoo!
    Me: You're a … duck goose?
    Abby: Nooo—Yes!!!
  • Kessa, whispering: Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be God.
    Me: You want to be God?
    Kessa, aloud: Yes. Because then I could fly!
  • Abby likes to ask, “Green or white?” all the time. I think because our ice cream options were, for a time, mint and vanilla so I'd ask her which she wanted by color. 
  • Me: I see the temple; I win!
    Kessa: I see the Draper temple; I win.

  • Me: Were you looking at the fan?
    Kessa: No I was not! I was looking at the fan aaaaaaaaand the singling [ceiling]. Aaaaaaaaand the lightbulb.
  • Abby says helicopter as “hello-copter”
  • BJ: What notes is it if I do duh, duh, duuuuh. duh, duh, duuuuh. duh, duh, duuuuh.
    Kessa: Two quarter notes and a half note.

    So smart!!!
  • Kessa: I had so much fun there. You have to go there. If I keep bugging you, that means you have to go there, right?
  • Me: And then we can say Audrey and Kessa snapped these beans.
    Kessa: Yeah! We can say “Me and me striped these kings!”
  • Damian: I tried not to talk to him just so I wouldn't be mean.
  • We were driving through North Salt Lake when we passed through that area smells strongly of sulpher when Abby pipes up and says, "Mommy! I smell poop?"
  • Kessa has been figuring out how to play I Am a Child of God on the piano by herself. I'm impressed!
  • Abby telling us about Brave: Mewida fell down. She fell off her black horse. She fell off her black horse and was sad. She wanted her mommy and daddy. Her mommy was sad. Mewida wanted her daddy. She wanted boys.
You're welcome. :D

~ Tianna

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