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Sunday, July 13, 2014

It was my birthday!

Jessa ~

Sunday night I decided to eat fewer treats. Then Monday I woke up and realized it was Chelsea's bridal shower that night and my birthday on Tuesday. Wednesday is better, right? :D  Haha. I actually did pretty well on both days. I mean, I ate treats for both, but not nearly the amount I had been consuming previously. But seriously. Poor planning on my part. But in good news, I managed to go running twice last week. My goal is to run MWF and do weights TTh at our clubhouse. The problem is, I know nothing about weights. So... yeah. My goal needs some work.

The bridal shower was fun. It was up at Barbara's. We played a fun game where I learned I could guess mustard powder by sight combined with Barbara's reaction when tasting it. Woo! Go me! Haha. Grandma Goddard got to hold Peter, so I got a picture of that. I figure it's good to get lots of pictures of my kids with great grandparents when possible, because who knows how long that'll be able to happen, y'know? I never knew any of my great grandparents.

Tuesday was my birthday! I'm older than BJ again. Alas. ;) It was a good day anyway. Honestly, I don't remember much of it. I know the day was pretty good. I had DJ's middle two boys, Parker and Taegen, here. I told all the kids that what I wanted for my birthday was happy, obedient kids, so whenever they started to fuss I reminded them and they calmed down. Wait, I'm remembering more. I woke up that morning feeling pretty refreshed, so I went on a run. I got back to find that Parker had made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then BJ gave me some bamboo wind chimes. Yay! Now the awful wind here can bring a little joy, too. I'm listening to them right now as I type. Lovely. After work Travis and Brenda came and brought pizza. We ate, then went to Thanksgiving Point's children museum. The goal was to wear out the kids so they'd go right to bed, which mostly worked. So then we had adult time afterwards and played Stone Age. Overall, it was a very lovely day.

Saturday we went and saw Mary Poppins. My mom was supposed to come with, but my sister went into labor early, so my parents headed up there instead. (She's only 35 weeks and they want her to be at least 36 before baby is born, so they have her on awful medication and she has to stay at the Ronald McDonald house right by the hospital, two hours from her home, until next week, on bed rest. Say a little prayer for her, k?) We couldn't find anyone to take the ticket, so we took Kessa with us instead. It was a really long play (2 hours, 45 minutes) for a 5-year old, but she did pretty well, considering. Now she's loving plays and Mary Poppins. Our next girl is supposed to be named Mary Poppins (but she won't let us rename her Kessalyn Mary Poppins Elizabeth Homer. She says that'd make her name too long and she'd forget it. lol). And tonight she asked if they did plays on Sunday. I told her no, but we could do a play here. We had friends over for dinner, so she and Audrey acted out Samuel the Lamanite for us. Twice (so they could each have a turn being Samuel). And then BJ helped them act out other stories, like Lehi's vision of the tree of life, while the other adults chatted. It was adorable. I think we have FHE figured out for the next many weeks!


Kessa loves Peter and wants to hold him. All. The. Time.

From Peter's blessing. Candids from my mom's phone. We think he was trying to tell us that he was done with pictures. :D

Grandma Goddard holding Peter... with a funny look on his face.

Tile in the bathroom downstairs! There's more done than this now, but doesn't it look nice? I picked out the tile. Be proud.

At the museum. Abby loves water. Particularly washing her hands.

 Teeter totters! Not just for children!
 More Kessa loving Peter and needing to hold him. He puts up with it.
 Mary Poppins!
 We went to Jim's for dinner so that Resa could be our waitress. We had fun making it awkward, like me saying, "My husband just gave my waitress one of my fries." Then joking that he was flirting with my waitress. And Resa wondering how he ever got married if that was how he flirted. Hah! But really the best part was that Kessa was the start of the show. She had all the waitresses wrapped around her finger. :)

Random Peter pic. I like the fist. Clearly he's powerful in his dreams.

<3 Tianna and Co.

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