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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas celebrations start... in earnest

Jessa ~

Monday I, once again, skipped my nap for the greater good—I went to the midwife without children. This time I got to meet the CNM, Teresa, who is now with the practice.  She seemed nice enough.  No complaints about her.  Which is good, considering the midwife dilemma of 2013.  I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, after much searching for it.  It's nice and strong.  Hooray!  Everything else looks good too.  Currently Baby 3.0, at 15 weeks, is "roughly 4 inches, crown to rump, and weighs in at approximately 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple)."  It's a real baby!  Like, about the size of my fist!  Weird.  I've felt a couple of flutters over the last couple of weeks, but nothing consistent.  Probably because I mostly feel them when I'm up and moving a lot (shoveling snow or going on a mile walk).  And because I'm rarely up and moving.  Seriously, Jessa.  I've turned into a lazy couch potato.  It's embarrassing.  Which is kind of funny to admit, because last week there was a Board question about what alumni you'd like to meet and why.  And there was this answer:

Dear La Jirafa,
I've never met her in person (just over Google Hangout a couple times), but I've always liked Dragon Lady. She had such fun stories and she always seemed like such a kind, optimistic, happy person. Also, I totally blog stalk her and think she has a crazy, beautiful life. I'd like to know how she does everything she does with such a good attitude.
Hi Maven!  Thanks for blog stalking me!  :)  But at the time of reading this, I laughed and laughed.  Because I was (and still am) feeling like I do hardly anything and I'm kind of grumpy about it.  And I thought I had portrayed that in my blogs?  But I guess not.  So for the record, I'm a lazy, grumpy mom who spent 3.5 hours today on the couch taking a nap while Abby did and BJ was doing tithing settlement and left Kessa to her own devices for the majority of that time where she spent at least half, probably more, playing on the iPad.  Because I'm awesome like that.  (I hope I didn't burst your bubble, Maven.  :D )

Ok.  On to happier things.  (Blast!  I'm ruining the picture I painted of myself already!)  I promised you I'd post about our FHE this week.  Kessa has been begging to make a gingerbread house, so we bought one at CostCo and decided to decorate it for FHE.  There was no real lesson.  But there was family bonding time.  (Well, at least until Abby kept trying to rip everything apart and throw it to the floor, so she got an early bedtime.  But it was family bonding for the rest of us anyway.)  We only got about 1/3 of it done that night.  We worked on it more over the next few days and we still haven't done one wall.  But it's been fun nonetheless!

That night, after kids went to bed, I decided to use my evening time to wrap presents, as we'd gotten most of them in the mail over the previous few days.  Of course Kessa decided that she needed mommy and I spent quite awhile up there.  And there ended up being more wrapping than I expected.  So I ended up wrapping until almost midnight.  Yipes.  I don't do well without sleep in general, but especially not lately.  I'm going to be one of those boring old ladies someday that go to bed at 7 pm or something.  But not for awhile.  Anyway, point is, I love wrapping paper with grid lines.  Seriously.  I hate wrapping paper that doesn't cut smoothly when you slide your scissors across.  (Un)fortunately, my wrapping paper was both.  But I got most done.  Just waiting for the rest to come in the mail!

Kessa was quite the performer this week!  She had three Christmas programs.  First was for Joy School.  They've been learning about service and sharing ourselves with others, so they went to the Villas (the retirement community in our ward) and put on their Christmas program for them.  It involved a couple of songs and them acting out the nativity story while one of the moms read it.  Then they passed around cards that they had drawn.  It was adorable.  Kessa made a cute little Joseph.  (When you have 5 girls, some of them just have to play boys.)

Then a couple of nights later we did the same program for families.  There was a good turnout and the girls did even better this go 'round.  Kessa played Mary instead, but hadn't practiced that part as much, so Joseph (who played Mary before) had to keep putting Kessa where she needed to go.  Time to kneel?  Gently push her down.  Haha.  It was cute.  We had practiced the songs more in between, too, so Kessa did a lot better about singing loudly and all the words to the songs.  She did great.  (Seriously, when you get home are you just going to come to my house for a few days so you can just watch all these videos?)

Sorry for the horrible shot.  There were just so many people!
She's the one with antlers on the left.
Then the next morning (Friday) was her preschool program.  Grandma Homer got to come to this one, but got there just as it was starting.  It was all of the preschool classes for Monday afternoon, so I'm guessing probably 6-8 classes of about 14 each.  It was a big program.  They had it at the Legacy Center.  It also meant the audience was huge.  Which means Kessa couldn't find Grandma when she came in.  So she spent the first 2-3 songs crying.  It was heartbreakingly adorable to watch her dramatically wipe the tears on her face with her sleeve.  She kept looking around, so I wondered if she was sad she couldn't find us (she told us after it was Grandma) so I took every chance I got to make myself as obvious as possible and wave to her.  But what finally did it was daddy standing up and walking to the back to get a better shot for a video.  Then she saw him, used him to find Grandma, and afterwards she did fantastically.  Singing to every song, with a happy look on her face. She and another boy got to be Rudolph.  They got these great hats to wear with antlers and a red nose.  Super cute.  When they sang that song they go to come up front and stand in the middle while they all sang.  I was afraid she'd get shy or cry again or something, but she didn't.  She was bold and confident and sang with all her might.  Made my heart proud.

We've been working on our Christmas presents for siblings this week.  But I can't really talk about those yet.  Obviously.  But I promise a full report after Christmas.

Oh my goodness.
Does she not just look like a missionary?!

The Homer family Christmas party got cancelled on Saturday because of a death in the family (your dad's uncle, I think?)  I'm sure you'll hear about that from your Dad.  So we found ourselves completely unscheduled for a Saturday in December.  Jessa, this is just wrong.  No Saturday in December should have nothing Christmasy planned.  So we invited our friends, the Harris', to go see the Zoo Lights with us.  (Learn from my mistakes.  Zoo Lights aren't part of a zoo membership.  You have to still buy tickets.  Laaaaame.)  It was really fun.  Some of the animals were more active in winter.  The first animal we saw was the bald eagle.  And for a long while Abby said nothing except, "Birds!  Birds!"  Which was funny as we were looking at an otter (which would go swimming then get up and play in the snow!  Crazy thing!) and then sea lions and seals.  I tried and tried to get her to say sea lion and we finally compromised with fish.  She asked to see more fish the rest of the night. But Kessa wanted us to buy her a flashing light thing at the beginning and we wouldn't, so that made her grumpy every time we thought about it.  To the point that when we go to the big cats (who were awesome!) she didn't even want to look at them.  To top it off she'd taken off her gloves, so her hands were freezing.  I got her to put them back on, but it was too late.  And she was crying and grumpy and we decided to just call it quits and go home.  We were about done anyway.  But then we got in the car and she cried and screamed about her hands hurting (poor girl; I totally know the feeling) and about her whole body just being cold.  We stopped at Wendys pretty soon and getting some warm chicken nuggets and fries into her body helped and before we even got onto 215 she was happy again.  But then Abby was cranky because she wanted a drink of water.  Consistently.  She wouldn't drink out of my CamelBak.  She only wanted Kessa's Wendy's cup and straw.  Which required adult intervention so as not to get her all wet on top of freezing cold.  Poor BJ spent at least 10-15 mins of the trip with his arm reached back to hold it for her.  She still ended up damp by the end.  It was a lovely trip home.  ;)

And now... random Facebook posts!

Kessa just found one of her stocking stuffers. 1) In good news, I know she likes it. 2) Guess we'll find out soon if my theory that she knows Santa is just pretend is accurate or not.  (Note: I forget, have I told you what our policy on Santa is?  If not, I'll explain next week.)
I've been asked to write a 1-page history of myself. The only thing I can think of through the entire thing is, "One page is ridiculous! This is bare bones! I can't write anything interesting! No room for stories, for details. This is nothing but a skimpy outline!"
My new favorite pregnancy trick. Fermented pickles. I start to feel heartburn? I eat a pickle. Two if it's really bad. Viola! Heartburn gone.

Too bad the only fermented pickles I'm aware of (Bubbies at Good Earth) go heavy on the garlic and mustard. I don't love the flavor. Anyone else know of a place to buy fermented pickles?
It took *9 stores* but I finally found Kessa some good old plastic insulated snow boots. Since when are these not in demand in Utah in December?!

They're plain black and a half a size too big, but she's just gonna have to get over it.

(Note: she was disappointed at first, but when BJ told her that black were the best boots because if she dropped them in the snow she'd be able to find them, she decided they were pretty darn cool.  We purposely didn't mention that you'd be able to see hot pink boots in the snow just as well.  And probably better at night.  Shhhh!)
Know what item of clothing I hate the most? Children's socks. How in the world are you supposed to know how what size they are after they come out of the package?

I'm so tempted to DI socks when they're outgrown and just always buy new ones instead of saving them for the next child.
I just legitimately used the phrase "ere long" twice in about 3 minutes. I'm feeling rather archaic and awesome.
I totally abused screen time today in order to get in a (semblance of a) nap.

It was totally worth it.

And now... kiddisms!

  • Kessa: I want to pass all of the cars that are safe to pass.
  • Kessa: Ow! That hurt my hair bone muscle!
  • Me: Abby, don't throw all the colored pencils on the floor.
    Kessa: Don't worry mom. I can pick them up.
  • I'm pretty sure Abby only wants 6 things in life, and in this order:
    • Binkie
    • Baby Signing Time
    • Jesus/Mary (read: the nativity movie on
    • Yogurt
    • Bananas
    • Candy
  • Kessa's breakfast prayer: Help us to have a great time, though it's winter.
  • BJ tweeted: 
Watching a Pentatonix Christmas video on YouTube, my daughter [Kessa] asks me “Were they the first ones on the earth?”  ’Fraid not.
  • Abby’s new favorite activity: Touch the Snow!  (Note: Seriously.  She'll beg until we take her outside and let her grab a handful of snow, then come back in so she can throw it in the sink and say, "Cold!")

I believe that is all for tonight.  Hope you're having a wonderful week.  We pray for you every day!

Love and hugs,
~ Tianna and Co.

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