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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Being Thankful and Sick

Jessa ~

How are you?  Did the typhoon affect you at all?  We saw that it was heading for Vietnam, but appeared would miss Cambodia.  But I assume you still got more rain and such.  Are you all flooded?  My friend's brother was in the worst-hit part of the Philippines and didn't have any method of contact for about a day or so (I don't know the details) but I was scared for them and couldn't fathom how they must feel.  So just stay safe, ok?  Promise... promise!  (Like in Up!)

Kessa is on yet another potty chart.  This one is longer and she can move back and forth depending on accidents.  And I'm trying to let her decide when to go potty, to hopefully encourage her to make good decisions.  Ugh.  But so far she's made two of the milestones, so hopefully she gets better.  The first reward was to go rock climbing.  She's been begging for it ever since we took her to Trafalga last time.  So this week we went.  She was nervous at first, but the first thing BJ did was show her how the harness would keep her from falling.  (They had those tension ropes, so she really just couldn't fall.)  That took away her nervousness, but then she had so much fun ... rappelling? that she never really climbed very high.  Go up a couple of holds, fall back down.  In good news, she had a blast and really wants to go back.  Abby and I watched a little, then wandered around the arcade at Trafalga.

We made another Thankful Tree this year.  This time my neighbor and friend, Claudia, designed and cut it out for me.  Someday I'll be brave enough to do one myself.  Maybe.  Anyway, it's fun and whimsical and I like it.  Kessa loves to write things on the leaves and hang them up.  She probably does a couple every day.  It helps that she has some idea of spelling now, but is frustrating when she says, "Mom, what says "aw" and I have to say, "What are you trying to spell?" Because in her mind all vowels only say two things.  But in reality, English doesn't work that way.  It frustrates me sometimes, though it hasn't seemed to affect her yet.

Shawn and Sarah volunteered to babysit Friday night.  We weren't sure what we'd do.  We wanted to go to the temple (there's a new movie, but we haven't seen it yet because every time we go, either we or the babysitter gets sick!) but I wasn't sure I was up to sitting vertically, watching a movie (screen time makes me nauseated lately), without escape for 2 hours.  But the later in the day it got, the better I felt, so we decided to just do it.

Holy cow, such a busy night.  We knew the Timp temple was closing for 2 weeks for cleaning, but it didn't occur to us that it would be extra busy.  First we ate dinner there, then we got dressed and went up.  We got to the temple at 6:50 and watched them walk to the 7:00 session.  The chapel was full for the 7:30 session.  They directed us to wait in a wedding waiting room for a later session.  Such uncomfortable chairs (BJ liked them.  I did not.) without even scriptures to read.  They finally moved us into the chapel and told us that there were live endowments at 8, so family needed to move to the front.  Then they told us that they'd have to move the 8:00 session to 8:15 and the first 5 rows would make it into that one.  Then the rest of the rows would make it into the 9:00 session.  Guess what row we were on.  Yup, row 6.  [sigh]  At this point I was like, "Maybe you should go get your phone and text Shawn to tell him we'll be late."  We'd told them we'd probably be back at 10.  But we didn't and then they moved the 8:15 back to 8, then decided they could fit 10 more people and we were first in line.  Switching from 9:00 to 8:00 so suddenly made me feel like I'd won the lottery or something.  Hah!

We ended up getting home closer to 11 and I was exhausted, but I survived!  We joked with Sarah and Shawn that we feared the girls would have gotten sick while we were gone as a bug had been going around and it always happened when we went to the temple.  But they assured us the girls were fine and did great.  And Jessa, they cleaned my house!  (I'm sure it was Sarah's doing.  I love her already.)  Let me tell you.  I typically have a less-than-perfect house, but lately it's been in a constant state of mess except when BJ finds time between work, dinner, dishes, and kids to also clean.  It wasn't horrible when they came, but I was a little embarrassed.  And they cleaned it!  It was so nice to come home to.

And then that night Abby woke up at 12:30 throwing up.  And BJ had to clean it all up himself, because when I went to help, I saw the throw up and wanted to puke myself.  So I went back to bed. But Abby thought it was play time.  So BJ gave her a bath and let her play then put her to bed.  Repeat again at 2:30.  Then at 3 Kessa woke up with a nightmare, so I took care of that one.  Then at 6 I woke up to throw up.  Serves us right for going to the temple and not giving Satan notice to make us all sick beforehand!  :)

In good news, Abby bounced right back.  Even at 12:45 when she was covered with puke and sitting on my bathroom floor, she was smiling and jabbering and just as happy as could be.  She dry heaved a little Saturday after her nap, but otherwise was as happy as a clam.  I, on the other hand, wasn't nearly so lucky.  I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I was absolutely miserable all day.  I thought I spent a lot of time on the couch with pregnancy, but I was wrong.  I spent all day on the couch or my bed, only getting up to be sick in the bathroom or the once that I made it to the table for a very small sampling of dinner.  By last night my hips huuuuuurt.  I pray I'm never a bedridden pregnant lady.  One day made my hips hurt.  I can't lay on my belly or back when big and pregnant.  And my tailbone wouldn't let me recline in a chair for long.  I'd be horrible.  No one would want to be around me.  Hah!

Yesterday was bad enough.  One time I just moaned, "I don't feel well!" and Kessa came over, rubbed my hair and kindly said, "Mommy, don't whine, ok?" Poor BJ.  As if he hasn't had his life sucked away from him already... he had to completely dedicate his day to playing Mr. Mom and Nurse.  I feel so bad for him.  I'm not sure how I'll make it up yet, but I need to.  He's just so good!  He made a fort with the girls that evening.  I laughed at the pictures.  Apparently it's more fun to sit on the fort to watch TV?  He asked me, "So doesn't that make it a fortnight?"  Bahaha.  But my response was, "It sure felt like one to me!"

Remember the game Myst?  Well, the creators are making a new game called Obduction, which has a lot of the same game-play ideas, but is in a different universe or something.  They're funding it on Kickstarter.  BJ really wants it to succeed.  Like, a lot.  It's on track to succeed, but it's not there yet.  It closes on Thursday, so we'll see.  In order to help it out, he offered his programming services, up to 20 hours/month, at half price.  Money payable to the Obduction Kickstarter.  I think he's filled up 2 months so far.  Yesterday he was planning on programming for 6 hours.  I don't know if he got any in at all.  So hopefully we can get to bed at a reasonable hour, sleep well all night (ahem, kids, take note!), so he can get up early and program before work.

Don't worry, though, today I woke up feeling ten billion times better.  I'm still pregnant-sick, but not stomach bug-sick.  And I was so hungry today.  I guess a tiny bowl of Cheerios, a half a slice of toast and 15 small bites of chicken noodle soup yesterday weren't sufficient?  But even then, when I did eat, I couldn't eat much.  Pregnancy is so much fun!  Haha.  Don't let me deter you from getting pregnant someday.  :)

Anyway, that's about all my news this week.  So let's move on to funny things instead.

Is 22 months too early for a kid to start asking Why?
I was going through old notes on my phone today and found this gem. I honestly have no recollection of the context. It makes too much sense to just be kids playing (even with dictation), but there is definitely some kids playing in there.

It's be like using dfgggghhbgbbnhfgkjjkkpkjfdddsssvuHermeneutics as a breakfast cereal. That doesn't even make sense. Yes it does, tdckjhjit probably has lots of prudence and fiber.gsfmjxcmn g


  • Kessa: If you throw up and your hands get full, then keep it in your mouth so it doesn't spill. That's what I did the other night.
  • I gave Kessa three choices of chores. Kessa: Oh putting away the dominoes! That's by far the littlest chore!
  • The girls are jumping on the tramp. After a couple, “Be carefuls!” from me, Kessa yelled back, “Mom, stop looking over here!”
  • Me: you're turning into a well-mannered girl.
    Kessa: That's because of you guys!
    Daaaawwwww. Warm fuzzies.
  • Kessa: Giraffes can't breathe because only pink and red tongues can breathe and giraffes have black tongues.
  • Kessa: Know what I’m mad about?
    BJ: What?
    Kessa: That I’m always [hiccup] having hiccups!

<3 Tianna and Co.

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