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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day One was featured in the App Store

Wednesday of this last week was the 5th anniversary of the iPhone App Store. Apple ran a big promotion where they negotiated with developers of five games and five other apps to make those apps free for the week. Apple then featured those apps heavily in the App Store. Day One (which is my new full-time job) was one of those apps.

It looked like this. Except it said "Free", if you hadn't downloaded it yet.

On Monday, our app (which usually costs $4.99) became free. By the end of the first day, we had roughly 900,000 new downloads. Over the week, we've picked up over 3 million new users. That's insane. The companion Mac app wasn't free during the promotion, so it was still selling at $9.99. Sales picked up on that quite a bit too, so that was nice. Our Mac app was in the top 10 paid apps in a number of countries around the world; in Japan we were #4 for most of the week.

Hopefully, this will translate into lots of people telling their friends about the iOS apps and buying the Mac app. In the meantime, our support load is up quite a bit, and we've got a few bugs that lots of new people have found, so we've got work to do. Overall, though, most people absolutely love the app. We have lots of people recommending us on Twitter and Facebook.

It's awesome to be part of a product that is used and appreciated by so many people.

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