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Monday, January 28, 2013

Abby's 1st bday!

Happy 1st birthday, Abigail!

Look at this onesie.  It is a 3-month onesie.  On Abby's first birthday.  She's definitely a tiny girl.  (The pants are 9-months, though.) We find out tomorrow what her stats are.

 Papa playing a game on Kessa's back.

 Abby's favorite thing right now is to climb the stairs.  She can get up both flights by herself in just a couple of minutes.  Pretty impressive for someone who couldn't even crawl 3 weeks ago.
This is Abby's first birthday cake.  It's supposed to be an owl, in case you couldn't tell.  :D  The frosting on top is actually purple!  I promise!  And it's my first real attempt at decorating a cake by myself.  (Kessa's first birthday cake I had plenty of help from both grandmas.)  It's a pull-apart cake, meaning it's all cupcakes frosted together.  So we didn't have to cut anything.  You just grabbed the cupcake you wanted and pulled it off.  That was kind of nice.

Abby desperately wanted to touch the flame.  She got within an inch once before I pulled her hand away.  Yipes!
Abby's first cupcake.  She had no hesitation when we set it in front of her.  She reached her hand in and pulled out a handful.
Then a bigger one.
"Psh.  This is taking too long.  I'll just shove the whole thing in my face."
"Dah!  It's starting to roll!  What shall I do?!  Keep it in my face at all costs!"
"Oops.  It fell.  Thank goodness for my giant bib catcher!"
Kessa was impatient.  Here she is trying to sneak under everyone else to steal a cupcake.  Or a Thin Mint.  Which, I'm not entirely sure.
When unwrapping presents, Abby was content with the bow; Kessa did the actual unwrapping.
Awww.  Uncle Nick and his girlfriend, Chelsea, took the opportunity of green pull apart licorice to play Lady and the Tramp.
Kessa wanted in on the fun, too!  (Though in a much less  romantic way…) I love the look on her face.  (I also love how Travis made the first look all romantic while the second just looks fun.  Well done, Trav.)
Oh, poor Jessa was just plum tuckered out by the end.
Kessa's friend, Audrey, came and visited for awhile towards the end.  They had a ton of fun playing Don't Break the Ice.  (For the record, it got brought out initially because Uncle Shawn and Uncle Nick wanted to play.)

We all took turns looking at the Jerusalem book Travis gave me for Christmas years ago.  Apparently I had never showed BJ's family before.  Who knew?
Family, isn't it about… piggybacks?
Then we put the girls to bed, Nick, Chelsea and Shawn left, and we played 7 Wonders while BJ helped Teresa with Algebra 2.  What a great end to a 1st bday party.  ;)

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Dochiny said...

I love how you did Kessa's hair. So pretty. Happy BDay, Abby!