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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Porter's Place

Tonight is date night! We decided to try out a new restaurant tonight. There's one on Main Street that has been intriguing me called Porter's Place. It's old fashioned. And it serves BYU ice cream! So that's where we decided to eat. We walk in and my first thought was that we were in a western saloon. Except the waitresses were modestly dressed. But it's all wood. There's what looks like a bar up front. And there's saloon music playing! (As I type this, I realized the song was The Ants Go Marching. But the instrumentation sounds like saloon music, I promise! BJ agrees.)

Then we got our menu. I cracked up laughing. It's all named things like Apostle's Choice and Destroying Angel. It took us twice as long to order because we had to read the description of everything.

It even tastes really good! It's comparable to, say, Big Juds. But with more options.

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AnnDear said...

That's my favorite place! It used to be impossible to get into. But since all the other restaurants have opened up nearby, they don't have nearly as big a crowd. Bad for them I guess, but one more bonus of us who don't like to wait.

You have to sit at the bar at least once. Just to say you sat there, even if it is just for a drink, and maybe an order of scones.