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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Housing update 11/4/11

This is about a week late.  Sorry!  Hopefully more pictures to come in a day or two.

Look!!!  We have a kitchen!  With cabinets!  And an island!  
And a sink!  And a dishwasher!  Wooooo!!!!!!! 

And the cabinets continue!  Over the double oven!!!
Yay for a double oven!!!

Let's swing back over to the other side for a second.  I forgot to get excited about the microwave!
And what's that down there?  The stove top*?

 Please excuse the blurry photo.  It's probably blurry because BJ was laughing at me while he was taking this picture.  BECAUSE I WAS FREAKING OUT OVER THE FACT THAT OUR GAS RANGE HAS FIVE BURNERS!!!  I had no idea about this brilliance that is to be mine.  It was a complete surprise.  And it is ridiculously exciting to me.  You have no idea.

Ok, moving on.  Upstairs we also have cabinets in our master bath!  And sinks!  And lights!  Did I mention that we actually have lights throughout the house, and they work?  Hooray!  Because now that it's getting dark earlier, we can still go see the house in the evenings.

See?  Cabinets!

We also have toilets.  And a back deck.  (BJ, how did we not get a picture of the back deck?)  That was a drama, because the stairs went the wrong way!  And I wasn't happy about it.  But then we talked about it a lot, and I decided that maybe the stairs going the way they are would be better.  So we decided not to make them fix it.  We also have the washer drain pan in.  And the drain cut down to be level with the floor.

It's so exciting!!!

And hopefully we'll be going down again tonight or maybe tomorrow, so we'll get new updated pictures up here soon.  Weeee!

*Poll time.  Do you call it a stove top?  A stove?  A range?  Something else?  
Please, help settle a disagreement here. Tell us your opinion in the comments.


M said...

This probably won't be helpful, but in response to your question: yes. :) I call it all three. You also left out "cooktop," which is another option, though one I mainly use in the context of a smooth cooktop.

Mostly I'd call it "the stove," though.

Emily said...

I call it a range. To me, a stove seems like a range combined with an oven...but I doubt that's any sort of official definition.

LibPhoto said...

If there is no oven below it, then I beleive it is called a 'cooktop'.

I highly reccommend that you take as many pictures as possible before walls and cabibnets are in place. It is nice to know where the pipes and electrical are when you are start hanging pictures, remodeling, etc. in the future :)

Katria said...

Stove-top. Occasionally I shorten it to "stove," but more often than not? Stove-top.

Tianna said...

Dear LibPhoto. Umm… did you miss the part where the pictures were of the walls and cabinets? So your advice comes about a month too late?

For what it's worth, we did already take videos (not pictures) of all the walls prior to sheetrock going up. So we're good to go. Just sayin' … your advice is a little late to the game.

LibPhoto said...

Hahaha, you are correct. I should have thought to tell you earlier. Sorry :(