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Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving, moving, moving...

Yup.  We're moving!  I've been a lot better about journaling lately, and I sometimes forget that I haven't updated the blog in forever, because I already wrote about that topic.  Sorry, folks.

Last week BJ got offered a job at Instructure.  Their software is called Canvas and is a competitor to Blackboard.  (All you college-folk should know what software I'm talking about.  All you non-college folk, it's software used online to help communications between teachers and students.)  BJ wasn't looking for a new job.  In fact, friends keep telling him to come work with them.  (Sorry, Dave, we still don't want to move to Cali, though BJ would love to work at Apple.) Even Instructure folk had hinted they'd like him.  But he was happy where he was, so why move?  Well, Instructure stopped hinting and flat out started pursuing.  The CEO took BJ out for lunch, then later gave him a verbal offer.  Said offer made us really reconsider the being happy where we're at so why move mentality.  After some consideration and several days of consternation, we decided he should take it.  So although BJ feels really bad about leaving Mozy, we both feel this is a good decision.  It's a pay increase and it's a great next step in BJ's career.

Which means it's now time to move.  And you all should know by now that I hate packing.  And I hate moving.  And right now, although it's a bit overwhelming, I'm actually not all that fussed about it (yet).  Which is another good sign that this is a good thing.  Let's be honest, as much as I love this ward and the friends I've made living here, and as much as I'm going to miss living so close to Travis, I've been ready to move into a house with my own walls and my own land for a very long time.

Currently we're looking at Lehi, Herriman, and Riverton mostly, with consideration going to Draper, Sandy, and Cottonwood Heights.  We know those are a little further from Instructure, but we're also looking long-term here.  If BJ gets another job in 5 years, we want to live in kind of middle-ground territory.  Somewhere where he can easily access both Utah and Salt Lake counties.  And really, we just really like the Herriman/Riverton area.  In fact, we've talked about living there "someday" for awhile now.

And even after we finally choose a house to buy (which, btw, is daunting), we still have to sell our condo.  (Know anyone interested in a great condo in Orem?)  And somehow I have to juggle cleaning, packing and de-clutter with keeping my house spotless so it's open for showings.  How do people do that?  I'm very much an "explode before the end clean" kind of person.  But it has been kind of fun to go through and just seriously de-clutter.  I'm a pack rat at heart, even though I'm trying really hard to simplify.  It's an inward battle.  :D  But the idea of moving everything down three flights of stairs (and this time not 7-months pregnant, and thus don't have a ready excuse not to carry boxes with everyone else) has given my rational mind reason to overpower my sentimental heart in a lot of cases and my DI pile grew exponentially.  So if I happened to DI something you gave me, please forgive me.  Know that my heart is on your side, but my muscles are not.

Wish us luck!


Alison said...

Congratulations! Good luck with cleaning/house hunting/and all the rest! Hope you find exactly what you're looking for!

Tara said...

Exciting you guys! I should probably visit you before you move since I grew up in Orem and everything. Also, my little sister is looking for random furniture. She and her friends are moving into a house with no furniture so keep her in mind as you de-clutter :)

Dave said...

*waves hand* You will want to move to California some day.

Congrats on the change! It sounds like Instructure will be a great place for BJ to work, and houses in Utah sure are cheaper than they are in Silicon Valley...