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Monday, March 7, 2011

Kessa doesn't hate Lauren

BJ's parents' anniversary was last week, so to celebrate, we all went to Hale Center Theater and watched A Tale of Two Cities.  It was a great play, as always.  And as a special treat, the lady who wrote the adaptation and all the music was there that night!  Apparently this was a recent Broadway and Hale was the first regional theater to get the rights to perform it, which is a real honor.  So it was really fun.

Our friend, Lauren, is wonderful and has been offering her babysitting services for awhile, so we took her up on it for that night.  They had a great time.  So great, in fact, that Kessa wanted nothing to do with going to sleep.  At all.  Lauren got her back up 4 or 5 times and put her back down.  She couldn't figure out what to do.  So she asked a bunch of married friends with kids who all told her to let her cry.  So she did*.  She texted me later and told me that she felt like the most horrible person in the whole world.  I told her that I had the same battle the night before, and if she's the most horrible person, I'm the most horrible mom.

I also tried to reassure her that the next morning Kessa would wake up happy and all would be forgiven and forgotten.  Not entirely sure she believed me, I took a video of me getting her up the next morning**.

So here you go, Lauren.  Proof that Kessa does not, in fact, hate you.

* She told me that Kessa cried for about 10 minutes, then abruptly stopped crying and started giggling.  I think that was probably about the time that she realized Lauren wasn't getting her up, so she might as well just resume normal going-to-sleep habits.
** Or maybe she started to read a book, and that's why she started giggling.

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Shahana said...

I understand, it's really difficult to sleep a baby. What I did for my son is I switched off main light, only lime light was on. And lay beside him. After some time he fall in sleep.