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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going in circles

Though the title of this blog could quite possibly be referencing my mental state of mind, it's actually referring to Kessa. Remember how she started walking recently?  Well, she didn't really do much more walking for the next several days.  The last day or two, however, she's been doing it more and more.  Today (maybe yesterday?  My brain is shot) she started walking on her own.  Meaning, without any assistance from us.  Before that time she'd start walking by holding our fingers, or at the very least we'd stand her up and she'd start walking.  But in the last day or two, she's started standing herself up and walking without any prompting from anyone else.

Tonight was the funniest ever.  She kept going for probably at least 10 minutes after we turned off the camera and had been going for several minutes beforehand, too.  It cracked me up.  Love it.

And then we end with a kiss.  Fer cute. :D


MegRuth said...

Time seriously flies! I can't believe it.

littledochy said...

Look at that girl go! I love how she just walks for the sake of walking.

Taralyn said...

Your post on my blog inspired me to check up on yours, and I can't believe how big Kessa is! Man alive we need to play sometime. Just sayin'.