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Sunday, November 7, 2010


It all started a month or so ago at our last Relief Society meeting that was done much like Homemaking of yesteryear.  We made cards and Boo Blocks.  (3 blocks with scrapbooking paper and the letters B-O-O modge podged on.)  And I realized that although I'm not really crafty, I really enjoy being crafty.  (I know some of you are scoffing at that statement because of the hats I've been making, but that's a different genre of crafty that I'm talking about.)

It continued when I went to Roberts the other day to get some yarn and they had a table set up of Christmas crafts and instructions of how to make them.  A couple of those crafts mixed with my desire to have some sort of Thanksgiving decor.

The result?  I was crafty!

Like, I came up with the idea (not the idea of how to do it, but the specific idea of my craft), I picked the word (creative, I know), I picked the paper (probably the hardest part), the paint and splurged on modge podge.  Who knew I'd someday own that stuff?  I did all the work, made all the mistakes, and learned all the lessons.

The result?

What do you think?  How'd I do on my color/pattern choices?


Jessalyn said...

wow! That got put up on the piano quick! I believe I only left 30 minutes ago! It looks awesome!

Gma G said...

It looks great. Keep up the crafty stuff
Aunt Alease

Anna Rhodes said...

Love the craftiness. We just had super Saturday and it was so nice to be crafty once again. It seems it has been a while. I have also loved your hats!! So cute. I want one. I learned years ago (I think from your mom in 4-H) how to croquet, but have since forgotten. Thanks for the list of names too. They were really fun to read. Justin's favorite is on you list. Sage. we'll see how all the naming turns out.