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Friday, November 20, 2009


I've been thinking for a few weeks now that Kessa was probably ready to eat solids. She showed most, if not all, of the signs of being ready. But I wasn't ready. Once she started eating solids, diaper washing was gonna get a whole lot harder. At least the stinky ones. But after awhile, I realized that it was inevitable. I might as well do it. We started with some rice cereal.

I just loved the look on her face. "Mom! What are you giving me?!" She never did really take to it. We tried for a few days and got largely the same results. It never made her mad, but she'd just scrunch up her face and not be sure she liked it. 4 days later (for allergy purposes) we tried a new food. Sweet Potatoes (or topatoes as I often call them. Thanks, Jess.) Oh my, she loves those. The first time was largely the same result, but every time after she has just devoured them. This morning she ate half a container. I guess it's time to start making some baby food!

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