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Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing in water

The reason everyone goes to Lake Powell (or any other lake) is to play in the water. We enjoyed wakeboarding, skiing, slalom, tubing, and just playing in the water. The Homers got this incredibly gigantic tube. It has three giant balls on each corner, so when it's speeding across the water, only the corner balls are touching the surface of the water.

No seriously, this tube could probably hold six people on it. It took Nick probably an hour, plus a trip inside the tube to lift a flap covering one of the corner balls to get it inflated.

Once, the tube escaped and made it halfway across the canyon before we realized it and sent Nick in the motor boat to bring it back.

The houseboat has a slide off the back of it. Here is Teresa and her friend, Monica, going off the slide. (Sorry for cutting your head off, Teresa!)

Most of the canyon around us were rock slides or solid rock cliff. However, Mom Homer found a little beach to sit on just a little ways off to warm up after a cool morning swim.

The majority of our water time was spent in the water surrounding the houseboat. Anytime we were feeling a bit warm or just wanted to be in the water, we'd just go jump in, whether it be for 10 minutes or an hour. Mostly, we just kept our swimming suits on all day.

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