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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Funny Business

Jess, Travis, BJ and I came up to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Kyle instructed me to stop any funny business, but the car trip on the way up here turned out to be filled with giggles and laughter. There was nothing I could do!

- We were driving through Salt Lake to run an errand when I saw a sign for the Chinese Buffet advertising an American Thanksgiving dinner. Travis: "I would eat there so long as they sang "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra."
- I saw a sign for Fort Lane, but misread it as Fart Lane. I found this funny, so I told Travis. His reply? "Well, it's a breezeway."
- We stopped to eat at an Arby's in a gas station. On the way out, we noticed some of the travel merchandise they carried in the gas station. You all know those pillows that you can put around your neck? Well, there was a Texas flag that Jess got a kick out of. (Seriously, Texas flag in Idaho?) And then there was a cow. Now, one of the funny parts of this cow is that on each of the two legs were three toes. Yes, that's right my friends, the cow had toes. And there were three of them.

Ok, I'm guessing that many of you don't know why this is appalling to the farm girl that I am. Cows do not have toes! They have hooves. Cloven hooves. Meaning that they're kosher in the Law of Moses. That means that there are two "toes". Not three. Weirdos. So Travis and I mocked the cow for awhile, then Jess decided that they weren't toes. They were fins. Yes, this was no ordinary cow. This was a Mercow.

Yes, the story goes on. We were in the car discussing mermaids and Trav was saying how the legend of mermaids came from sea cows. So I was coming up with stories about how this legend may have come to pass. So, this sailor comes home and is talking to his buddy about this beautiful sea cow that he saw out to sea. And his wife overheard and, being a jealous wife, assumed he was talking about another woman. "A sea cow! She's a heifer!" (Note: to those who don't know Jess and I (and previous roommates), heifer is a term of endearment, but in the rest of the world, it's not a very nice word to describe other women.) "And thus she became a woman." Jess: "That sounds scriptural." Travis: "I take from thy rib a heifer."

I suppose it's possible that all of these stories are funny to only those that were present. But I like to believe that other people can find us funny as well. (I'm sorry I failed, Kyle.)

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